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Naughty Therapy

Naughty Therapy

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 05:55. Fortunately, the original movies of vulnerable young patients being seduced by their enthusiastic therapists was just what the doctor ordered. While that sounds like a cliché, my doctor did in fact prescribe masturbation to relieve stress, and this site was certainly an inspiration to follow that advice.

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Naughty Therapy

Intro promises:
The premise was simple: young women visit their psychotherapist, complaining of a host of mental and emotional disturbances, primarily relating to their sex lives. After a brief therapy “session”, they get down to the real business at hand – fucking like mad on the therapy couch.

There’s a nasty edge to the text on the intro page, and in some of the write-ups for the different movies once you get inside. Overt power games are fun, but flashing neon green signs with messages like, “Take your medicine, bitch!” are just tacky. That kind of misogyny has been out of style at least since Poison videos started looking dated. Someone clearly did not get the memo. Once inside the site, though we’re treated to some good dirty fun. This is the kind of fantasy I love – one where the power games are overt and everyday. Who doesn’t want to submit to their therapist? It’s not actually a D/s site, but the power differential is obviously a big part of the turn on in this fantasy. I liked the slow starts to these movies, though they may not be for everyone. There was a fair bit of playful dialog and sight gags, like a bored “doctor” drawing obscene cartoons on his notepad while the oblivious patient blathers about her unfulfilled desires. You could get through several of the one-minute video clips before the performers were fully nude, a detail I liked but others may find tedious. Fortunately, you can always skip ahead to the juicier bits, which are just like the juicy bits anywhere. The men on this site were not particularly sexy, but I’m a sucker for guy in a tie. The women were generally beautiful, and there’s a good, understated variety of appearance. No flashing signs point to “Asian chicks here!” or “Beautiful blondes!” but you get both, and quite a bit else.

At $29.99 the site may be a bit pricey, though the 3-day trial is a great value. They claim to offer 80 bonus sites, none of which were advertised anywhere obvious inside the site as well, but the extra content may make the monthly rate well worth it. Especially if you happen to have a crush on your therapist.

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