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Nerd Pervert

Nerd Pervert

Review date: 2-Jan-2013 08:24. Being a nerd and getting the best pussy in town? Some would say forget about it, but this Paul Taylor at Nerd Pervert says, piece of cake. This unique, one of a kind site documents the naughty adventures of this nerdy fucker who, assisted by a hot chick, scouts the streets of the UK looking for girls who are ready to fall for his porn producer legend – and jump his bones! Wicked!

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Nerd Pervert

Intro promises:
How exactly do you get laid more than other guys? Being a cool sexy stud with a bit of cash doesn’t hurt, but what if you’re not exactly that kind of a guy? Paul Taylor at Nerd Pervert seems to have the answer. Although, from this set, he may have a bit of cash, apart from this he’s quite the nerd, more than average-looking body, scruffy hair, big glasses, everything just screams nerd here. Yet the dude seems to be getting more pussy than most guys in his native UK, or in any other country, for that matter. What he does is just roaming around with this little (yet powerful) camera of his, and his sexy female assistant, fooling all sorts of hot UK girls into believing he’s a porn producer. Of course they want to be in porn, and of course he needs to see them in action first. Rather, not just see, but stuff their meat pockets with his dirty nerd cock! This is what Nerd Pervert essentially is about. The whole porn producer thing may not be too original, but Paul Taylor here really adds a lot of freshness to this thing with the nerdy element and with this general English craziness. His accent, even, it’s just too funny and kinky. See the tour for the video trailer, a story behind the whole thing, and some previews. Quite a tour the site has here. Looks like we’re about to have some fun as the dirty bastard and lazy asshole Paul Taylor is filling the brains of yet another bimbo with his porn crap!

Let the nerdy fun begin! Nerd Pervert is actually quite a fun place to be. The site feels like a marriage of what we like so much in porn. A great concept, some truly nice exclusive content, a variety of hot bitches who end up banged up all their holes – and this general atmosphere of English craziness. Quite a cocktail here, we should say. Oh and the way they speak English, pretty hot, too. Nerd Pervert has dozens of exclusive episodes which have pictures and videos combined. The stories take places in all sorts of locations, mostly indoors, though. The structure is usually quite similar, you watch Paul Taylor bullshit a hot slut into believing he’s a porn producer, she does some shy posing, then more and more goodies get exposed, then the air gets hotter and next thing you know this nerdy glasses-wearing jerk is already having his knob polished by a fine lady you would never imagine even approaching him. The selection of girls is quite awesome, you get these average UK amateurs, you get girls with a bit of glamour to them, then you get black girls too, you get big tits, you get small tits, you get sluts on the chubby side, you get skinny bitches. Very well done, really. Not only you can download the HD footage without any limits, you also get access to this 20+ site network Nerd Pervert is part of. We’re not sure whether other sites in there are as awesome as Nerd Pervert, though – we were too busy jacking it here!

Nerd Pervert is a fun site which adds a nice nerdy element into this whole fuck me I’m a porn producer thing. The site offers a very nice, seamless and enjoyable user experience with a good-looking design, well-filmed, engaging content, and a level of dedication and sticking to the original idea you won’t find inside other sites. Oh and did we mention there is like a plethora of hot UK sluts getting boned because they’re just way too silly? Nerds of the world, here’s your role model right here! See what Paul Taylor does at Nerd Pervert right now and maybe you’ll do something like this yourself!

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