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Review date: 13-Dec-2013 04:30. What if you could travel the world, hook up with young, pretty, adventurous girls, and film your intimate experiences with them with a fancy 4K camera? Well, you won’t be the first one in this case. Nutabu is a glamorous new site offering first person sexual adventures all over the world filmed in terrific quality – and with plenty of skill and class. A cool site that you have to see!

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Intro promises:
What sex is really about? Well, even though it’s a very broad question, we are sure you have asked it before. Probably asked yourself while watching yet another porno, right? Check it out, we feel real sex, the one that is really satisfying and memorable, is this intimate connection, the whole person to person thing. Without that, it’s just too physical, right? This thing is often ignored in porn, but hey, with a site like Nutabu on our hands right now, we feel it is only due to lack of skill. When you are shooting a video and later putting it up online for people to watch, there are so many limitations. But today, most of them are not as critical. What we are driving at is that with the right set of shooting skills, the right equipment, and the right taste (not to mention the right girls, of course), you can shoot something that really stays with you. Nutabu is this new glamorous-looking site that documents the adventures of this guy behind the camera you never really see. Except for his hands as he plays with hot girls all over the world, and his cock as he bones and creams them. By all means a very modern and classy site, Nutabu boasts an ultra trendy design with giant preview images and a few delicious video trailers. See how much effort was put into all this, it’s obvious even before you enter the member area!

Which is something you really need to do, honestly. After you enter, you find yourself in some really classy and well-designed space. This simply has to be the coolest-looking member area we have seen to date. The white text on dark background really pushes the cool factor even further up. The site is not the biggest one out there for now, and it’s not like they try to distract you with lots of bonuses. Nutabu actually feels more like a work of art, not like buying groceries by the pound. Anyway, they do update 4 times every week. Nutabu just got launched, and we are sure the site will grow pretty fast. Looks like these guys have quite a bit of cool material to share. Nutabu is all about first person POV shooting that lets you see the performances of girls this dude picks through his eyes. Whether the girls are stripping in a hotel room, attaching a big dildo to a bathroom wall, or milking the dude’s thick dick, they look terrific. There is nothing cheap or skank-like about these fine young ladies. Pretty, slim, with edge and attitude, they’re a delight to watch – and great to beat off to while you do so. The camera work, done with this proverbial 4K apparatus, is really spectacular. We especially liked the lighting and the editing. The spotlight focuses on small details in an otherwise dark room and the editing cuts from one thing to another pretty fast. It's like you’re that guy, horny, full of adrenaline, with nothing but this hot bitch in front of you on your mind. Quite a thing, really!

Nutabu is one of these next generation adult sites. It follows this unseen character on his trip through all sorts of places where he hooks up with real young babes – who are later taken to a more private place for some private fun. The image quality, excellently preserved with the 1080p HD MP4 videos, is amazing. Lighting, editing, and the level of detail, all of these things really make Nutabu stand out. You will enjoy watching the site grow (4 updates a week) and feature more girls in this fantastically satisfying one on one porn. See it now!

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