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NYC Sexy Honies

NYC Sexy Honies

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 07:39. People like amateur sex for different reasons. Some people, like myself, find amateurs exciting because you have the possibility of finding a gem in the rough before they become the next big star. I remember the first time I saw girls like Lauren Phoenix, Sativa Rose and Sandra Romain on amateur sites. They were young and fresh, and I knew instantly that these girls had what it takes to make it straight to the top.

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NYC Sexy Honies

Intro promises:
It was like I was a fisherman, and I was pulling up prize after prize. Then, there are other people who like watching amateur sites because they like watching regular Janes and Dicks having sex. I don't understand it personally; after all, porn to me is about fantasy and not reality, but some like it average and clumsy. If you fall in this latter category, then maybe you'll get a kick out of NYC Sexy Honies; but if you don't, then keep on moving.

Now, I don't like to pass beauty judgments on actresses, or at least negative judgments, but in this case I'm forced to make an exception. Don't expect to find any gems in the rough on NYC Sexy Honies. All these women are about as plain as you can get, most of them look like they came straight from the Hoboken Bus terminal, and it's the same for the guys. In a way, this site reminds me of that cable documentary on the bunny ranch with the cameras set in the ceiling. Yeah, it's like that. Along those same lines, the action on NYC Sexy Honies is pretty weak. If this site were around in the 70s, it would have been cutting edge. It hits on just about every porn stereotype in the book, including such favorites as the repairman making a visit to the lonely wife, and the nurse giving her patient a sponge bath. Now, my beef isn't so much about the plot lines of the videos, but the production is old school as well. The picture is dark and fuzzy, and you could probably do better with your own camcorder.

I don't mean to be too harsh with NYC Sexy Honies, but for the price you could do much, much better. The site does include a full photo section, but there isn't any bonus material. Unless you are really into watching amateurs have sex in shadows, then take this reviewer's advice: Pick up your dime and keep shopping.

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