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Nylon Boys

Nylon Boys

Review date: 20-Mar-2016 13:02. If anybody thought nylon fetish is only about girls, get ready to be proven wrong. Nylon Boys breaks into the fetish part of the twink porn scene with its amazingly hot videos of sultry young men wearing nylong and playing with their wet, meaty, dripping dicks. Yes, all at the same time! The site is unique, exclusive, good-looking, and packed with content. We want nothing more!

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Nylon Boys

Intro promises:
Have you ever had fantasies about the soft silky touch of nylon embracing your body and giving you that kind of sensation which gave you a super hard boner immediately? That badass thing needed to be stroked right now, we know how it feels. This is what happens right here at Nylon Boys, actually. The site breathes plenty of fresh air into the kinkier side of the twink porn scene with its stellar looking videos packed with pantyhose-wearing boys. As you can imagine, they stroke their wet meaty dicks like there’s no tomorrow. All at the same time! You don’t even have to be gay to get turned on by that, in fact. Just put a video on, grab some nylons, and start beating off as the hot young lads here do the same. Though we digress. It’s entirely up to you what to do, we’re just here to tell you what you can expect. Nylon Boys is a site with a amazingly well-designed tour. The minimalist look and feel moves the focus of your attention naturally and seamlessly right to these content samples. And there are some steamy content samples right here! The site looks crystal clear all over, it almost feels like somebody just applied the sharpen filter to your entire screen. In other words, high quality work here. The tour is not just visually impressive, the tour lets you find out about important aspects of the site, like the update schedule, content figures and more.

After you enter Nylon Boys, things only get better. And way steamer! We guess by the time you’re inside fantasies of hot handsome twinks stroking away at their huge boners while wearing sexy pantyhose are rushing through your brain. They should, you know! Because you’ll be able to find plenty of satisfaction for these fantasies right here. The site offers truly magnificent looking content, including HD videos which you’ll be able to enjoy for about 15 minutes each, and 2,000 px photos coming in packs of around a hundred each. The videos, naturally, can be downloaded and streamed; it’s entirely up to you. As you can see, things are perfect in the tech department here. As for the fun department, it’s tons of fun all the way. All the episodes feature boys filmed up close as they fool around with all sorts of sexy nylons, see-through, lacy and fishnets included – and masturbating in a hundred of different ways. Even with fleshlights, you know! By the time these twink kinksters are done stroking their dicks through the nylon and shooting all over their pantyhose-covered legs, your room will be a total mess. A very enjoyable and satisfying kind of mess, mind you. Nylon Boys is an awesome site with every aspect showing plenty of attention and effort. Try it and get inside right now, the boys are hard and waiting with their nylons in their hands.

A very special fantasy and high level production, what’s not to love here? Nylon Boys offers all of you nylon crazed freaks out there some pretty damn steamy sequences with horny twinks taking care of their extra stiff boners – while wearing all types of sexy hose. We don’t know where they got them, maybe from their moms’ drawers, but what the boys do on camera will throw you back in your seat and set your brain on fire. Give this one a try, it’s a great blend of hot boys, nylon fetish, and extra frenzied cock stroking. A great recipe for sure!

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