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One Night in the Valley

One Night in the Valley

Review date: 5-Sep-2017 10:46. Nothing like the combination of mystery and sex, right? One Night in the Valley is a brand new series from the ever-so-popular Brazzers, mixing crime, drama and all-out hardcore sex action into one thrilling cocktail. You don’t want to miss it, this is the hottest porn meets mainstream stuff to hit the screens these days, so grab a popcorn, grab your dick, and let’s go!

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One Night in the Valley

Intro promises:
It’s kinda symbolic that we are reviewing yet another site here at My Sex Porn only hours after the winners of the Oscar nominations were announced. This is not the most common thing to say if you review adult sites, but hey, the site up for reviewing right now is One Night in the Valley. It’s really special, and it’s totally cinematographic, too. Thing is, this newest creation of the renowned Brazzers brand, is a crime slash mystery slash hardcore sex series – with every element brought to the highest level of interestingness. Instead of dishing out short porn-only episodes, the guys have made up their minds to tap into the porn feature film (or should we say series) market. The tour will very much set you in the right mood here. The feeling Brazzers are trying to create here feels a bit like a modern noir movie. Right? Girls in decadent outfits, dark locations, murder and lust mixed together, this totally feels noir to us. As you check out the tour, you can watch previews of 4 episodes of this series which is unfolding right now. And it’s not even a porn parody! We guess technically to be classified as a porn parody, One Night in the Valley would have to imitate an existing movie, add sex to a familiar context and not be too serious about the entire thing. But this is different, read on to find out!

One Night in the Valley seems to be different in a whole bunch of ways here. We mostly review more or less regular adult sites here, with a predictable tour-joining-video archive structure. But One Night in the Valley is obviously different. Instead of giving you access to a load of short videos vaguely united by the same topic or niche, the site lets you watch consecutive episodes of a series – much like you would do with any of the series on TV. The series called One Night in the Valley feature a couple of porn studs on a detective mission to solve a mystery – and obviously before they solve it, there’s a whole lot of murder, depraved sex and encounters with America’s hottest pornstars of today to be handled by the guys. The detectives are perseverant and well-hung – both these qualities help. You get access to all the episodes the show has right now, and all the upcoming ones. Currently there are four, and they last over half an hour each. You can see the guys really put some effort into this thing. There’s acting, and there’s very special-looking locations, and there’s a story which makes sense, or starts making more and more sense anyway as you make your progress. All in all, it’s a dark, gripping story packed with hot sex Brazzers style, featuring porn studs and girls who can actually act and fuck – brilliant!

One Night in the Valley may just as well be the most special erotic entertainment experiences you will ever have. Successfully blending crime, mystery, murder, drama, noir and all-out hardcore fucking with America’s most lusted after pornstars, this series redefines a lot you know about porn today. The site lets you access the episodes comfortably, it has a matching design and really adds to the experience. For a very reasonable fee, you get to experience something really special, so go for it!

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