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Oral Movie Matrix

Oral Movie Matrix

Review date: 15-Oct-2017 06:37. Oral Movie Matrix promotes itself as being the “world’s largest xxx video collection.” After looking at their site, I am willing to agree with them. Last time I checked, the website's “DVD ticker” stated that the site currently houses 475 DVD’s. Not scenes, but DVDs. Quite impressive, but let's not forget about quality.

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    14.7 of 25
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    14.5 of 25
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    10.8 of 20
  • Originality
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    5.4 of 10
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    11.6 of 20

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Oral Movie Matrix

Intro promises:
Checking out this website is like going to see the cinematic masterpiece, The Magnificent Seven. You pretty much know what to expect going into the film, and then after having seen it, you realize you already saw it when it was called The Seven Samurai.

Oral Movie Matrix is essentially Adultbouncer. It has the same movies, the same extensive selection, and the same wmx film format, despite Oral Movie Matrix’s wmx format being of slightly lower quality (much like The Magnificent Seven). The website literally has the same films as about half-a-dozen other sites on the web. It seems like everybody and their mother has copies of the Cum Swapping Sluts video series. I mean, yeah, these are decent films, but if I had to listen to the radio station play the same songs for 4 years, I think it would piss me off. Why should pornography be any different? Let a few truths also be known. The site’s name is Oral Movie Matrix, but it houses typical sex flicks that include blowjob scenes. What they are doing is no different from calling the Bible the book of Moses. Of course there are going to be blowjobs in the videos, I mean is it not an industry standard to have an introduction, a blowjob, penetration, and the money shot? The blowjob holds no more weight than the rest of the action in spite of the title of the website.

Granted, like even a fine skin flick, nothing is perfect. The site does deem itself worthy of being easily accessible. You can search by category, series, or studio and click on an actor or actress’ name to find more of their videos. Overall, this site is exactly what you think it is going to be.

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