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Review date: 16-Oct-2017 05:46. Maybe I’m wrong here, but when I see a porn site with a name like “Orgasm,” I immediately think of page after page of some of the most mind-numbingly (and other-things-numbingly) good pornography. I think pictures, broken down by genre, anywhere from softcore to hardcore and everything in-between. I think videos that would make even the hardiest of porn veterans get their wood on.

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Intro promises:
And I think unique content that makes me remember the site – after all, it’s already got a memorable name. What I don’t think of is a site that manages to botch everything I mentioned above, and more. At first, when I started noticing little things that went wrong, I thought, “not a big deal, it’s just one error.” Then those errors started piling up, and I came to the realization that, “nobody gives a fuck about this site.” It’s as if someone paid for a great site design, then got bored and lazy about the actual content. Where to begin? Well, I should accentuate the positive, so I’ll start there. This site is nice to look at. It’s black with red and white text, and provides a nice contrast to the images. It also has many links. And a site map. OrgasmAnd sadly, I’m done with the good points.

So what’s not to like? Well, for starters, this is a site named “Orgasm.” And they have a section – the most prominently featured one, the one which has a *flashing* link – called “Orgasm Girls.” “Alright,” I’m thinking, “this is what I like to see – original content, hot girls, nudity etc.” Right. Maybe “two out of three ain’t bad” worked for Meatloaf, but two out of three just doesn’t cut it in porn. Original content? Check. Hot girls? Very check. Nudity? I think not. Just a bunch of lovely ladies, photographed individually, standing and posing in – what else? – Orgasm t-shirts. No nakedness. As disappointing as that is, it gets worse. Aside from the “stories” and “games” sections that seem to be obligatory on porn sites these days, and the self-serving, unoriginal, branded store, you have essentially three choices on the top navigation bar – “XXX Pictures,” “Live Hardcore,” and “Streaming Video” – and an additional two on the left-hand bar – “Ezines” and “Naughty Chat.” First off, the Ezines link isn’t a link at all, so there’s no Ezines section. OrgasmNext, the chat won’t let anyone register as a new member (not that I imagined any females would be there). Maybe the server was having a bad day when I tried, but I couldn’t get through, and it gave me a “cannot satisfy your request” error message. Hmm… speaking of unsatisfied... This brings us to the photos and videos. I’m a moving image kind of guy, so my first click was on the “Live Hardcore” link. This brought up a new window with a huge disclaimer – the idea being that the user shouldn’t get pissed off if the site is terrible or doesn’t work. Clicking “Enter,” the user is welcomed with a “Welcome Perverts” and presented with a veritable plethora of choices, from “Teen” to “Solo Girls,” to “Cum Shots,” all the way to “Transsexual.” Oddly enough, every single one of these links brings the user back to the same starting page. That’s right: every. Single. One. Ditto the 9 left-hand links. So what does the starting page offer? A bunch of “live chat” crap, and a “Feed Top 10” section, with a few streaming videos and a bunch more “live” garbage.

Finally, the pictures. Ah, yes, the pictures. There are 27 picture categories, from “Anal Sex” to “Twisted & Bizarre.” How many of those 27 work? At my count, 19 – meaning that eight links, including “Big Dicks,” “Redheads,” and “Blondes” (the first three I tried), don’t work at all. Oh, and did I mention that each picture page only has 10 images? Sorry, I must have forgotten that. Each picture page only has 10 images, but four banner ads. Overall, you would be hard-pressed to find a site as poorly-done as Orgasm. It almost seems as if somebody’s playing a joke on the user – except April Fool’s Day was last week, and I’m not laughing.

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