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Out In Public

Out In Public

Review date: 28-Aug-2010 09:50. In straight porn, sex in public is almost no big deal right now. There are dozens of sites out there where the sex action involves certain risks of being busted. In gay porn, however, the situation is a bit different. So much the better for Out In Public, a new and already popular site which takes hardcore gay sex with young hot men into the streets, parks and what not.

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Out In Public

Intro promises:
When both of you are horny as the devil himself, going indoors is hardly ever considered. Why get under the roof and in between walls when you can do it in the open? Out In Public explores the thrills of getting it on with hot men in places you would not normally see as locations for sex. There’s always a certain risk of being caught and possibly taken to a police station, but who cares when the cocks are pulsing? The site is fairly new but it is already getting quite a bit of attention. The tour area really keeps it simple with lots of preview pictures, some catchy texts, and basically nothing else. You can se how hot the guys are – and they are really hot as hell. Also, it’s great that you can actually see where the action takes place. And man, it can be anywhere. Parking lots, parks, gas stations, the list just goes on and on. It’s also pretty obvious that nothing is kept from your eyes. All the scenes are jam-packed with full on hardcore sex featuring lots of jacking off, cocksucking, and deep anal penetrations. The site is essentially about this guy who goes around with this cameraman, and they hook up with random men in the streets, doing the nasty basically right there and then. It is of course up to you to believe whether these guys are actually random. But damn, with their great looks, massive cocks, sweet faces and all the rest you love about sexy young men, who really cares?

The free area really keeps it simple and basic. In terms of design, of course, and it’s not a bad thing for sure. On the inside, the site follows the same guidelines. For you the customer it means simple navigation and good overall browsing experience. Out In Public is quite a bit new. The total episode count is around 20 at the moment of reviewing. Also, the videos run at about 20 minutes each. There are streaming movies, pictures, and screencaps. The fact that there are pictures, pretty good looking, sort of tells us there’s also a photographer going around with these guys. The episodes are just too much fun. The guys manage to pick up some really hot men many of which are actually on the twink side. They do have hardcore sex in public, and there are really people around when they do it. The scenes end with an occasional facial cumshot, and before that, they feature great amounts of cocksucking, mutual masturbation, and deep anal plowing. The videos are very straightforward, intense, and fun to watch. Add some truly great quality, and you have quite a nice and neat site to check out. We will have to address this once again: the sex here is really raw and animalistic. The guys are turned on by doing it outdoors just as much as you are. All in all, it’s a great site and we would love to see it expand its content selection.

Out In Public is a great new site which focuses on something overlooked in gay porn of today. Hot random men get picked up in the streets and other places and get seriously nailed almost on the spot. The site features some great looking streaming videos, good resolution pictures, and an atmosphere of an endless thrill. Don’t miss out on this great new thing in gay porn if you have ever considered a wet nasty fuck right where you meet a hot guy.

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