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Panda Fuck

Panda Fuck

Review date: 8-Nov-2011 04:55. Do you know who gets laid like crazy? A big black and white panda bear you will see in action very soon! Today we got something really special for you, a site bridging super hot European teen girls, one lucky sex beast and plenty of diverse, exhaustingly steamy fucking. You’ll hate to miss it, so keep reading what we got here, and well, see it all for yourself!

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Panda Fuck

Intro promises:
You know these teen girls, always in the mood for something naughty or crazy – and most preferably, naughty and crazy at the same time. Today, we got a real special story for you here. Are you ready to see super hot sex with teen girls done with a twist you have never seen before? Well, you better be, because Panda Fuck is here and we sure as hell hope it’s not going anywhere. Panda Fuck is a site which kinda makes you rethink the entire animal rights deal. We mean, just look at this, the guy gets laid like crazy! In a nutshell, Panda Fuck is a brand new site featuring sweet teenage girls and a guy wearing a panda costume getting it on like there’s no tomorrow. With all this stuff going on, we don’t care if there’s any actual tomorrow, for crying out loud! It might be not that easy to wrap your mind around the entire thing, but you know, we realized this gives plenty of space for imagination. This is what always wins our attention, a site which is not just for your cock but for your brain as well. Anyway, Panda Fuck has a very information-packed free tour zone with plenty of details about the site you will find very useful to know. For starters, there are sample pictures, and you don’t wanna miss out on these. Check out all the other details, and well, see ya inside!

Panda Fuck was launched by the same company which brought us Pickup Fuck, Public Sex Adventures and a few other sites, many of which are featured here and have been reviewed by us. These sites are really cool with their unique blend of reality, amateur and hot-as-hell European teen girls. Panda Fuck is a bit different. We mean, the girls are still young, hot and European, and the member area has all the features their other sites got. Actually, you’ll like how feature-rich it is without being too complicated. The content collection, the models, the comments, polls and all other bells and whistles are within easy reach. The site seems to have a growing community of fans, and well, it should, because you won’t find this stuff anywhere else! Panda Fuck features pretty mind-blowing episodes with 30-minute long HD videos and big picture galleries all having one thing in common. It’s always about a pretty, slim, sexy teen girl, and a panda bear – well, a guy in a panda bear outfit, technically. These two get it on with so many scenarios touched upon. Nurse roleplaying, strapons, outdoor action, toys, creampies, cumshots, you name it. All of these things happen when this lucky panda gets lucky with the girls, and it does get lucky at all. Seriously, you better see it for yourself, the girls are just crazy about the big furry sex beast, and the beast never minds taking advantage of that!

Panda Fuck is an unusual and fun site with lots of very hardcore sex, niche elements like toys, creampies or outfits. There are a bit less than 20 videos there right now, with matching picture galleries for each. The site was quite literally launched last week so we’re sure it will grow. Treat yourself to something special and see how absolutely sexy and stimulating porn can be when you step outside of the conventional. Panda Fuck is special, unique, and very well made as a site – try now!

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