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Panty Addiction

Panty Addiction

Review date: 12-Nov-2014 20:48. What do you feel when you see a young sexed up girl in hot-looking panties? Do you maybe feel a bit submissive and want her to tell you what to do and make you her little horny bitch? If you are familiar with this feeling, check out Panty Addiction right here. This brand new POV fetish erotica site features dozens of smoking hot babes in super sexy panties being quite a bit bitchy.

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Panty Addiction

Intro promises:
Some men would say a girl needs to be fully naked to be at her hottest. But we know that this is not entirely true. If she has a pair of sexy panties on, this is much better, right? So many different kinds of them and so many different sexy things she can do with them. Hence, so many different ways for her to tease you – and even control you. If you are a bit hypnotized when you see a girl flaunting some sexy underwear and are immediately ready to say whatever she tells you to no matter how nasty would that be, we have something for you here. Panty Addiction is yet another site in this wave of sites with first person POV videos that we are witnessing lately. Naturally, we are not complaining. It’s a bit of a new era in online erotica, when you can enjoy a much more personalized and intimate femdom and fetish play experience with a girl who seems to be right in front of you. This network called Femdom Craze has all sorts of sites covering forced chastity, sissification, ballbusting, small penis humiliation, and even giantess fetish. Looks like a really bold attempt, right? These are all very complex and intimate fetishes and fantasies. Let’s have a closer look at Panty Addiction here and see if things are working out here for these guys.

Oh my god, this is all such a tease. Panty Addiction is a site built in a way similar to many other new sites that offer the same kind of content. But don’t think this is something of the cookie cutter type. All the episodes feature original photos and videos that seem to be produced in-house. How else can they maintain and grow a network this big? The member area looks simple and efficient. You can stream or download all the items. The highest video quality is high definition, so no need to worry about pixels and resolutions here. Moreover, everything is perfectly mobile compatible, and we are not talking about just iOS devices here. Back to what’s going on, Panty Addiction is full of teasing. These girls just wiggle their panty-wrapped butts and pussies right in your face, dishing out obscene orders, instructing you how you should masturbate right now – and sometimes even saying things like tonight you can cum in my panties. Young, beautiful, and with a great screen presence, these young ladies will make you fall of them right away. The write-ups also help create the right atmosphere. In general, all these episodes are something you will watch over and over again, building deeper connections with the girls and eventually cumming harder and harder. The network is full of gems, so get your (very affordable) membership now and start enjoying what’s freshest in online fetish erotica.

Panty Addiction is just great. It’s an outstanding find for anyone into mild, playful femdom and panty fetish. Young girls wearing hot ass underwear, telling you all sorts of nasty things, teasing your brainds out – what can go wrong? Full of HD videos and offering great value by letting you access a whole bunch of similar sites for free, Panty Addiction is a must see. So is the entire Femdom Craze network. See all these great sites now!

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