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Panty Girls UK

Panty Girls UK

Review date: 23-Mar-2012 18:08. Girls from the UK got crazy, cool and cute combined in them in the perfect proportion. Turns out they are also great when it comes to that obsession with womens underwear many of you have! Check Panty Girls UK for very sexy and sensual videos featuring all sorts of naughty young girls from across the pond playing around in the sexiest panties they got. The site got plenty of photo and video galleries you won’t find elsewhere!

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Panty Girls UK

Intro promises:
There is something about these British girls that never fails to get us hot and hard. They are just special, you know? They’re usually pretty hot, with very nice racks and bubble butts. They also have this naughty attitude towards life; they’re never shy to go and grab what they want, be it a cock or a cunt. Also, with their country’s tradition of decadence and sophistication going back many years, many of UK girls got amazing taste in underwear. We mean, let’s face it, even Agent Provocateur, the definitive brand in sexy underwear and high class garments, is British. So, it’s not surprising many of these UK hotties got plenty of very sexy panties in their wardrobe, and what is more, they know how to put these panties to some hot use. With all that, here comes our newest site up for review called Panty Girls UK. It was launched earlier this month and it’s entirely focused on sexy sensual shows actual British girls put on the hottest underwear they got – and making the most of it. The site’s tour has this delightful amateurish look which really made us feel we’re not in for some over-commercialized bullshit here. Somehow many sites with UK-related content have this look which kinda stays away from plastic mainstream porn and still has this air of something if not forbidden then at least frowned upon – and therefore totally exciting!

We know you sometimes may be reluctant to join brand new sites which just hit the market. We totally can relate to that. After all, the suspicion this or that site will turn out to be a wasteland with little content to see, at least for the time of joining. Let us assure you Panty Girls UK is notning like that. Fans of sexy underwear will be pleased to find out that the site has over 30 video episodes, over 60 photo galleries, and 15+ bonus sites, all focusing on garments like panties, skirts, knickers, jeans and what not. This is a solid offer, really. The videos run for about 10 minutes each, in very decent quality, showing different young ladies play around with the finest underwear they got. From hot-looking thongs and lingerie sets to practical boxers and more, Panty Girls UK covers the cutest and sexiest types of panties out there. The picture galleries offer around 50 photos each and you can also save the gallery as a single ZIP file. Much easier this way, really. No downloads have any restrictions here, and we noticed Panty Girls UK also offers streaming videos in the Microsoft Silverlight format. Not the most common thing to see inside an adult-oriented site for sure, but the quality is pretty damn fine this way. A bit better than the downloads, even. All in all, a panties fan should love it!

Panty Girls UK got special British girls playing around in their sexiest underwear, and you wont be able to stop watching the entire thing. The site’s videos and picture galleries cover it all from everyday underwear to really special-looking pieces the girls keep in their wardrobes for special nights. You’ll see these cute Old World chicks playing with their panties, pulling them aside, showing off their goodies and doing everything to have your panty aficionado drooling all over the place. Try now, it’s really special!

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