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Pantyhose Creep

Pantyhose Creep

Review date: 10-Dec-2012 05:33. You saw all these bitches wearing pantyhose all over town? Damn! That’s just way too hot. If only you had a fancy camera which you would use to zoom in on their nylon-wrapped crotches, film it secretly for a while, then she would notice or you would come up to her and then the whole thing would just get way crazier… Now you don’t have to do all this because you have Pantyhose Creep!

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Pantyhose Creep

Intro promises:
Are you into pantyhose worn by hot young girls so carefree and not even looking like they’re wearing the hottest thing chicks can wear? If you don’t mind looking a bit like a creep, just walking through the city and checking out all these hose-wearing hotties can be total fun. And who knows where this can lead… Well, now you don’t have to worry about projecting a potentially creepy image on fellow denizens. Just like it usually happens with the internet, someone had it done for you. This site we’re profiling for you today is called Pantyhose Creep (well, duh), and it’s a very special combination of very special things. How do we explain it, really? Imagine there’s a guy and he has this powerful camera, and he walks around spotting hot pantyhose-wearing girls. He films them from a distance for a while, secretly, and then he comes up to them, does some dirty magic, and bam, he’s already filming them up close as they play with their bodies wearing the same sexy pantyhose they chose so wisely for themselves that morning. This is quite a concept, and we’re not surprised at all a site like this was built and launched by Fetish Network. With more than 40 fetish sites in their portfolio and updates every single day, this is something that had to happen at some point, for the joy of pantyhose freaks of the entire world. Let’s have a closer look!

If you did something like this, you would probably get totally busted or a girl would smash your camera and kick you in the sack. Not with the Fetish Network guys! Pantyhose Creep is loaded with these awesome full length episodes where peeking and spying turns into full-on, up close pantyhose-themed action. It’s like having a snack and then an awesome meal, or maybe a beer and then some scotch! Whatever your imager for this may be, the site comes loaded with very original and very one of a kind episodes which you can stream or download in HD. Several formats are offered and of course you can watch all this on your mobile devices as well. The stories are really interesting to read, the ones which come with the episodes. There are pictures, too, but we sort of found ourselves mostly sticking to the vids. The site creates the atmosphere of urban peeping perfectly, with girls being in cafes or hiding from the rain or just chilling in the park or whatever else. It’s all stuff real girls do, and you totally feel the thrill of actually being that peeping creep. And then when the guy approaches the girl and tells her she could be a model or something and she spreads her pantyhosed legs for him… You’re going to explode! Pantyhose Creep is a great addition to the Fetish Network family – as if 40+ sites wasn't enough!

Become the pantyhose-obsessed creep you always wanted to be. Secretly film hose-wearing girls, all kinds of hose, all kinds of girls, all kinds of urban situations, too. And then the awesomest thing would happen, they would let you watch them play with their wet pantyhosed pussies! No need to hide at that point. Pantyhose Creep delivers loads of really exclusive and exotic pleasure, ready to be enjoyed by everybody into a bit of voyeurism and a lot of nylon. Check it all out!

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