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Pantyhose Pops

Pantyhose Pops

Review date: 13-Jun-2013 20:18. Hot girls, sexy pantyhose, and a big rubber dick. Which also sometimes squirts thick gooey cum. You have no idea how many sexy plots and naughty scenarios can be created with just these. Pantyhose Pops is a brand new site from the world famous Fetish Network, which means you are getting tons of exclusives and 40+ specialty, niche, fetish, and BDSM sites to enjoy. Impressive, really!

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Pantyhose Pops

Intro promises:
Hot girls in nylons doing stuff, this area feels as if it has been thoroughly explored already and there’s nothing new to see there. We know how you feel. You think, yeah, nylons, and maybe some foot fetish action in there, and usually this is pretty much it. So you’re not too excited when you know new nylon-themed sites are launched. With Pantyhose Pops, you better be excited. This is the newest product the glorious Fetish Network has given us. What, you don’t know them? With their 40+ exclusive fetish and bondage sites, you better know them. Each month, they launch a site or two, so this month, here you go, you have Pantyhose Pops. It looks real striking when you first visit the tour page, but then we realized we are sort of having trouble telling you what exactly this is about. Like, we do see all the pieces. You got girls in all sorts of different nylons, you got big fat dildos, you got that thing where these dildos are often attached to big, mean, mercilessly pounding fucking machines. Also, these dildos sometimes squirt out gooey cum. How do you summarize it all, exactly? We don’t give a damn, to tell you the truth. We had a look at the samples Pantyhose Pops has in the tour and we’re hooked. There’s pantyhose, there’s knee highs, there’s nylon torn for masturbation, and there are sex machines fucking the living hell out of the nylon-wearing girls. And the cum. If this is not super hot and super fresh, we have no idea what is!

So, now that you’ve subscribed to Pantyhose Pops and to all other sites in Fetish Network, how do you feel? How does it feel to have access to arguably the best and biggest network of themed and fetish and kinky sites ever built? For the kind of money they charge, it feels like a pretty damn good deal, that’s for sure. The network has this easy and unified way of browsing their content. Going from site to site is easy, as is browsing all the content belonging to any particular site. As long as most their sites, if not all, are very special places with a different angle on kinky sex, you will be actually paying attention. It’s not like some other networks that boast quantity and have sites which are no different from each other at all. Fetish Network only has sites with a unique concept. Like Pantyhose Pops. The similar element in all the episodes here is that these are solo girl pieces. There’s a girl, she’s wearing some sort of nylons, or an entire outfit (like this one of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz). What happens is that she either goes real wild using a buzzing vibrator on her clit or gets pounded till she almost faints by a sex machine. Or both at the same time. Sometimes the dildo spurts thick cum on the nylons and the legs and the feet. And often the nylons get torn mid process! It’s total fun to watch, you never know what’s next.

Pantyhose Pops is a site from the much-worshipped Fetish Network, the place for 40+ quality fetish sites, each with a whole new twist. This one is brand fucking new and specializes in solo masturbation and frenzied, mechanistic, exhausting sex machine fucking. All with some sort of nylons involved. And cum-spurting dildos. And tears in the nylons. And tons of other stuff. You never know what’s next, but you can be sure the next episode will make you bust your nut. If the current one hasn’t already! Well done, Fetish Network.

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