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Petite Lover

Petite Lover

Review date: 31-Mar-2013 05:14. If you are a petite lover, you need to grab your account with Petite Lover right now! This tasty-looking, cool new site offers a great selection of fresh young petite models and a plethora of solo, softcore, and hardcore scenes with them. Over 25 different petite girls now and counting! If you think smaller is sexier, then you better get ready, these tiny sweethearts mean business.

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Petite Lover

Intro promises:
Petite girls are sure a special breed. Not just special, very sexy, too. If you are into hotties who are on the smaller side, there is a new site right here which cares for the needs of guys just like you. It’s called Petite Lover – and that’s what you are, right? The site strives to bring together America’s finest petite young models, and not just bring them together, have them do all sorts of sexy stuff as well. The tour is so cool-looking and full of previews it will absolutely rock your world. It did rock ours, that’s all we know. Simple, understated design with lots of sample images, dozens of different petite girls, and all sorts of action showcased. Bravo, Petite Lover! The site lists quite a bunch of previews, with no video trailer so far, alas. Each preview has this short sexy story going with it, and as soon as you reach the subscription page, you get the most important details about the site, i.e. number of girls, content items and the like. The previews cover everything the site is about to show you, including petite girls stripping and showing off their goodies, fooling around with other girls, sometimes three girls at a time, and, last but not least, petite girls getting fucked with fat cock! If you ever had sex with one, you know they got tiny pussies and plowing these pussies is an absolute goddamn delight. Let’s continue the petite party inside, shall we?

Petite Lover has this fresh modern look, and it’s not just about the tour. When you step inside, your nice and neat experience continues. The site looks just about as fresh and cute as the girls it features! And yes, Petite Lover has one definite strong point, and it’s their choice of girls. Blondes and brunettes, tats and no tats, cute and wild, they’re all so petite it looks as if you could fit a whole bunch of them into your car. Or in your bed! Petite Lover takes you through its softer and harder episodes seamlessly. Before you know it, you’re in love with all of these tiny cuties, and there’s a sticky mess under your table for you to clean! The site updates every week, and every week they add around 3 photo episodes and 2 different videos. So far we’re talking around 10 thousand photos and about 30 different girls. They invest a lot into their shoots. A lot of them take place outdoors, and some of them feature as many as 3 petite girls at once. You can imagine what they are doing in such a shoot, right? From sweet to crazy hot and from solo girl episodes to sequences where these tiny little sluts get boned with a fat dick, Petite Lover never leaves you bored. And the way these petite cuties whimper when they get pierced with a dick almost as big as they are, it’s crazy!

Petite Lover is all about petite, and it’s definitely one of the coolest and nicest-looking sites of its kind on the web today. Each and every petite girl chaser out there should check out these tiny sweethearts who may be smaller but have a lot more to give than your average chick! Get ready for a growing collection of high resolution shoots with great petite girls of all your favorite types. Sly, unbearably cute, and incredibly lustful, they are ready to put their tiny bodies to all sorts of action 24/7. The site is very well-designed and offers a steadily growing archive of great content. Don’t miss out if you like your girls petite and playful!

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