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Pickup Fuck

Pickup Fuck

Review date: 15-Oct-2011 11:10. Picking up girls is fun already, but how about cruising the hood in search for fresh chick meat, finding a bimbo or two, having wild sex in public or outdoors and getting it all on video? Sounds like a lot of fun actually. This is exactly what happens at Pickup Fuck, a fresh amateur gone reality site with videos as thrilling as they are satisfying. Let’s give it a look together!

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Pickup Fuck

Intro promises:
Picking up girls in the streets, malls or clubs is fun and can take you places, but it’s sure as hell not easy. Hey, some people even take courses to be able to do that with satisfying efficiency – and by that we mean ending up getting laid, of course. Other guys, however, don’t need any courses. Just like the guys who built Pickup Fuck, a fresh, crazy site with video documentaries about some of the wildest pickup stories you can ever imagine. The words pickup and fuck go so well together, right? Wait till you see what this hotspot is all about! It’s launched as part of a bunch of sites which have already been in our spotlight here. They have similar layouts and their concepts are not too far apart either. We really like how they blend amateur feel with the unpredictability and spontaneous fun of reality porn. Check out other sites from the same group we have reviewed so far, like Porn Weekends or Public Sex Adventures, just to name a few. But anyway, let’s concentrate on this pickup thing. The site offers videos which document the adventures of guys who usually work in pairs just wandering around, meeting random girls and talking them into having sex on camera. The free tour lets you taste the flavor of all this, with a whole bunch of preview episodes laid out along with previews of the site’s rich feature package. Nice, right? Let’s get inside.

Pickup Fuck looks good on the outside, right? Well, be assured, it looks just as good on the inside too – and on top of that it got plenty of very nice and exciting stuff to watch. There are videos and pictures available, all in all, around 140 episodes corresponding to exactly this number of girls picked up and well, nailed in a very daring way. As long as it’s all this reality, gonzo and POV thing, you’ll probably be more interested in the videos. These are available, of course, and they are nice-looking and long. Up to an hour long, in fact, and sometimes even more. The pictures are there too, of course, but obviously the guys couldn’t be bothered to take them separately as the action was unwinding. So, screencaps also downloadable as ZIP packages. Looking good, both content types! The videos are packing lots of heat and craziness with these wild studs taking bullshit to random hot girls and then doing them in nooks and crannies of a store or cinema theater – or even outdoors. The atmosphere is conveyed in a very convincing ways, with shaky camera, goofy moments, girls who try to protest at first but then are totally into it, and rapid endings which happen when the guys are bored or somebody is passing by. Lots of fun, really, and lots of hardcore sex, too! All of this wrapped into a very feature-rich member area, so kudos here, too.

Pickup Fuck may as well be your reality pickup guide. Heck, when you see all these crazy studs just walking around places casually, spotting girls and sliding their hard dicks into her dearest holes only minutes later, you’ll be impressed. And hard, too! Pickup Fuck is a great site in the whole pack here. It offers a nice balance of quality and quantity, not to mention super sexy Russian chicks and the wonderful taste of total freedom and sexual liberation!

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