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Piss Domination

Piss Domination

Review date: 21-Aug-2015 07:41. Have you ever had fantasies about toilet domination? In particular, how about literally being in the toilet while a mean, sexy, dominating woman pees from above right in your face? Crazy, we know. Also, hot as hell. Check out Piss Domination here for a unique one of a kind experience that involved POV, pissing fetish, femdom, and a ton of other things you enjoy. Let’s see it now!

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Piss Domination

Intro promises:
Do you think you would enjoy when a woman calls you her piss boy? Her toilet face? We bet you would. Although it does not happen very often, does it? Not in porn, not in real life. In porn, it just seems like too much of a rare niche thing to happen. In real life, you kinda need to go through tons of hassle to find a relationship like that. So what do we do exactly? Don’t be sad, there’s something you could do. Check out this brand new site called Piss Domination. It’s a special one, trust us on that. Let us just tell you the videos are filmed in such a way that you literally feel as if you are in the toilet. Yes, all the way down there. All these sexy powerful ladies come and tease you and eventually let out a salty stream right in your face. They know what kind of a piss boy you are and how thirsty you are for their golden shower. So essentially Piss Domination is just all kinds of kinky beautiful ladies taking a nasty leak (comments included) right all over your face and head and what not. Doesn’t it sound totally crazy? Check out the tour, there are previews there, they are totally out of control. Well, not as much as the real thing is, obviously, so let’s just log into the member area and see this whole crazy thing in its sparkling yellow glory.

How are you doing down there? Hope it’s not too wet and cold. Oh well, maybe it is. Either way, you are about to have so much fun. Do you know another site that features content like this? We really do not know anything quite like Piss Domination. Every episode is made in pretty much the same way. You see the woman through the toilet seat, she talks dirty to you (they all say different things from mild to mean and anywhere in between), and then she lets out the much-awaited golden stream. She could also be still wearing her panties while doing that! Every episode has a write-up, and you can also see the girl’s profile. Different ethnicities, different hair color, different age and so on. Yeah, check out the Models section to be amazed at the huge selection of ladies who are willing to cover your face with their beautiful pee. Piss Domination offers high definition photos and videos that are a total delight to watch. We mean, it’s not the most common setup, they had to literally put the cameras under the girls! It’s just crazy. This one of a kind site offers both conventional subscription and pay per video model. They have weekly updates and hell, this is one of the most original sites ever! Don’t miss out, if the thing lacking from your life is beautiful powerful women pissing on you, this is the site to check out.

This is definitely one of the most interesting sites of 2015. Piss Domination lets you experience the humiliation of literally being the toilet boy for all kinds of super hot powerful women. Younger or older, white or Asian, they are all willing to subdue you with their dirty talk, their gorgeous bodies, and their tight salty streams of pee. Right in your face! Don’t miss out, see Piss Domination now!

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