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Piss Japan TV

Piss Japan TV

Review date: 22-Apr-2014 05:31. If we had to choose the best country to spy after young peeing girls as they enjoy their much-needed leaks, it would probably be Japan. These Asian sweethearts are so cute, and when they pull down their snow white panties to let that golden stream out, it’s a delightful sight. Let Piss Japan TV show you what’s latest in Japanese voyeur peeing erotica. Plus, there are network sites!

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Piss Japan TV

Intro promises:
A lot of sites out there focus on the pissing fetish. From staged to reality and from commercial to amateur, we have seen our share of sites where girls taking a leak are involved in this or that way. However, if you take a different look at the theme, you may just discover something that would still feel new, original – and therefore very satisfying. How about a site entirely devoted to Japanese girls taking a piss – and getting secretly filmed? Mall bathrooms to parks and parking lots, the girls are really desperate. Local culture and rules say it’s very embarrassing to do that sort of thing in public. But they just can’t argue with their tiny Japanese bladders, you know? Piss Japan TV is a brand new site that focuses entirely on hidden camera footage with all sorts of Japanese girls peeing in just about any context, situation and location you can imagine. The site is part of this up and coming network of Japanese-themed sites that focuses quite a bit on the voyeur element. Remember Voyeur Japan TV, a site we profiled for you not long ago? This is yet another site in this network. Now, time has come to focus completely on the tinkling cuties as they lose the fight with their bladder, pull these panties down, squat, and enjoy the much-awaited relief. See the tour for samples, don’t you fill the voyeur thrill already?

You better be ready for an avalanche of videos filmed secretly all over Japan that Piss Japan TV has inside. These were submitted by fans as well as taken by the site’s crew. They range from relatively innocent movies where a girl takes a secret leak behind the bushes all the way to raw and steamy flicks where a girl is alone in her room, experimenting with pee play and big powerful vibrators. That’s right, sometimes all this pissing thing gets the girls really worked up and bothered! They have nothing else to do but start rubbing their pulsing Asian pussies and playing with their rock hard nipples who stand up and proud like little soldiers. There’s plenty of erotic tension inside Piss Japan TV. The site has quite a nice collection of material. Taking into account that it’s pretty new, this is really cool. Every couple of days, they add a new film or even several of them. Man, watching these bushy Japanese pussies let out tight yellow streams, it’s just too much fun sometimes. Other sites in the network can be accessed seamlessly. Piss Japan TV lets you check out a whole load of Japanese-themed content with a strong focus on voyeurism. There’s hardcore sex in there, there’s fetish, peeing, weird insertions, bizarre sex toys, everything that we love the dirty side of Japan for. Take a look yourself!

Piss Japan TV is perfect if you are at least a bit into one or all of these things: Japanese girls, voyeur videos, or pissing hotties. You better be into all of these, because then Piss Japan TV turns into quite a blast. The site lets you stream and download a neat load of content, there’s a lot to explore, and all of this stuff is fresh and exotic. We are sure you have never seen anything like Piss Japan TV before. So, on you go, straight to the far away land of cute shy peeing girls!

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