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Pleasure Archives

Pleasure Archives

Review date: 12-Oct-2017 06:10. Pleasure Archives has merged with Hegre-Art. A full review of the new site will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Pleasure Archives

Intro promises:
Pleasure Archives is all about girls pleasuring themselves - which, thankfully for us, is really nice to watch! The creators of this site have done an amazing job of finding gorgeous teen amateurs and photographing them in ways that are both hardcore-sexy and beautifully artistic. It hard to make a girl jamming two fingers in her pussy look artistic, but they've done it!

This is by far one of the best teen sites I've seen. The photos are huge high-resolution beauty, and the girls are knockouts. Plus, there's something about watching a girl get off fingering herself that's just really hot to watch. Check out the samples and see for yourself! Freakin' hot! The site is updated daily, so there's always new stuff to check out. The interface is a little clunky ' every gallery pops in a new window, and the individual photos pop in another window. After surfing the site for a while, I had about 30 windows open. Also, clicking on 'our girls' doesn't get you access to all the photoset - click on 'updates' instead. It's not that bad though, they do have great features for a photo site ' you can download zip files for each set, and you can pick high-resolution or low-resolution when you're surfing the galleries. Nice thoughtful touches.

Overall, this is a must check out site for fans of teen girls, good photography, hot masturbation, tasty'you know what ' just go have a look! :)

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