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Positive Singles

Positive Singles

Review date: 28-Jan-2018 04:45. If you're among hundreds of thousands of people who have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, from HIV to herpes, you must know how hard it is to find a romantic partner. Confessing your disease is not a topic suitable for a first date, and it makes things incredibly complicated.

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Positive Singles

Intro promises:
Luckily, there is Positive Singles, a dating site designed for people with different kinds of STD's that can seek help, advice, make new friends and find a caring and supportive lover. You don't have to suffer and shy away from dating anymore, because Positive Singles helps you find people like you that will accept and respect you no matter which disease you have. To start exploring this amazing place, all you need to do is sign up for a profile, because it's completely free! After just a couple of minutes of completing the basic info about you and the type of disease you have, you can become a member and see what Positive Singles has to offer to you. There are various features available to you as a free member, so you can browse people, look at members' photos, even do a search and find out about the members in your local area. Unfortunately, you won't be able to communicate with other members unless you upgrade your account, but you can still see if there are enough interesting members for you to make you join. The burden of being diagnosed with a STD is really heavy, and having a place where you can openly talk about it and get nothing but understanding and support is a necessity. Here you will meet thousands of others who share the same STD or have different problems, who can give you personal advice based on their experience and encourage you to go on and have the best treatment.

There is a section of the site that will really get you cheered up. You can read about real people who had the same disease as you but managed to get better and to continue to live their life normally. These heart warming stories tell of personal struggles and all the problems you encounter when living a life with an STD. Don't forget, you're not alone in this, and whatever problems you have, someone has already dealt with this kind of stuff. Find a story similar to yours and get inspired to go on and fight the illness. Once you've diagnosed with a STD, there are probably dozens of questions running through your head. Here you can seek advice and find out about everything you need to know about your disease, the best ways to fight it and any other useful info. Even if you think you know it all, you'll be surprised learning some new stuff that will help you in your fight with your STD. To be able to use all the site's features, you will need to upgrade your account to premium. The sooner you do it, the sooner will you get to talk to other members, so don't think too much and do it. There is a one, three and six month membership plan, each one with it's own advantages. If you want my advice, pick the 6 month premium membership package. First of all, you will definitely stay here longer than 3 months, so why not save money at the same time? The 6 month premium membership gets you a discount of an amazing 60%, which is the main reason to pick this membership plan if you want to save money. For understandable reasons, the majority of members here prefer their identity to remain hidden, so there is no video chat. People use classical text chat to talk to others, where they can remain hidden behind a username without the fear of being recognized. I think that video chat would still be a good idea, because once you get to know someone you'll let them access your pictures anyway. It would be a great way for people to communicate, so I’m cheering for Positive Singles to add this feature too.

You probably won't find a better place to meet new people and find support and love if you are diagnosed with a STD. So, don't think twice and join this amazing site that will provide you with everything you've been lacking since you got the disease. Continue to lead a normal life and meet that special one on Positive Singles. Don't forget to use one of the amazing discounts you get when you upgrade for more than one month.

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