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Review date: 12-Jan-2014 18:46. How do you make POV porn even more immersive? POVD pretty much elevates the whole thing to luxurious status with its impeccable HDV shooting and 3D surround sound. Oh did we mention the scorching hot girls and the very cleverly filmed sex sequences? Don't miss out on this one, the next thing is being in the scene yourself. POVD truly gives you a spectacular experience, check it out!

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    22.3 of 25
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    8.7 of 10
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Intro promises:
Have you ever thought about replacing porn with real life sex – we mean, with the same quantity, diversity and what not? It may be technically possible but boy wouldn’t it be a total hassle. You could hook up with a bunch of hot porn bitches and bone them in all sorts of cool locations, but check it out, there’s something almost just as good. We guess we all like ourselves a bit of POV porn now and then. Time has come to up the ante here. This sparkling new thing called POVD could really be the best thing that has happened to POV pornography so far. Sure, a lot of sites out there film their stuff with the camera on the guy’s side, hot porn bitch in front of him, blowing his bone or what not. But POVD tries harder than just that. These guys use super high quality cameras and sound equipment to make sure you enjoy complete and total immersion into what’s going on. You just gotta see the trailers to understand what’s really going on here. Luckily, the site’s glamorous-looking tour is not just about looking cool. There are the free videos, a preview of site features, and a bunch of other stuff that really tells you you’re in good hands here. It’s high end top shelf porn meeting this POV concept. It feels luxurious already, let’s see what happens when we get into the member area!

You better have your big ass screen and your headphones ready, son. That’s right. POVD just may actually be the kind of site that suggests a certain way of consuming its content. Seriously, as long as these people invest so much in their shooting and in their production, might as well, right? The member area of POVD is just as glamorous and trendy-looking as the tour. The site gives you easy access to all its features, including unlimited 1080p streaming and downloads – plus pictures that are probably screencaps, but due to incredible video quality they look like full-on hi-rez photos. Anyway, POVD is probably not the biggest site right now. They just launched, so it’s more about quality than quantity now. In fact, we hope it stays that way. We watched all the videos, and they offer an incredible level of immersion. When you use good headphones and combine that with the site’s filming technique that imitates the way you would naturally look at a girl when hooking up with her, it feels incredibly real. These sweet young babes are so willing for you to fuck them – and this is exactly what you feel will be happening. Sometimes there are even two awesome young girls in one scene, working on your stiff thing! POVD is amazingly engaging and you should try it right now before everybody else finds out about it!

POVD is really the future of POV porn. Of all porn, really. The site offers tens of POV videos that are so high end in terms of video and sound you feel you can almost touch the beautiful young girls. As they are fucking your stiff cock like there’s no tomorrow, of course. POVD offers a set of truly luxurious member features – and that is in addition to its truly terrific content. Highest resolutions, best sound, hottest girls, everything is top of the line with this POVD place. Try it now!

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