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Pregnant Pat

Pregnant Pat

Review date: 27-Nov-2013 04:28. Pat is cute, Thai, and also pregnant. Is this enough for you to get excited about the fact that she now has a site entirely dedicated to her sexual adventures? We mean, to all the hot stuff she did during her pregnancy. Her belly keeps growing (in each set, the size is mentioned), and her desire to rub her clit and get fucked seems to be growing together with it. See below for more!

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Pregnant Pat

Intro promises:
For some reason, pregnant girl erotica is not really as big a niche as it used to be. Do you agree? We don’t see many of them new preggers sites launched these days. Sites worth telling you about, a rare commodity for sure. But don’t fret, Pregnant Pat is here. This is quite interesting a place, and in many ways, it makes up for the long weeks we spent without fresh preggo porn to beat out sinful meat to. The site successfully blends pregnant fetishism with ethnic erotica. Thing is, Pat is this petite fox from Thailand. She even greets you in Thai as you open the tour page. Heck, if you thought white bitches get very horny after they get knocked up and get ready to become mothers, wait till you see Pat here. She’s quite the little Thai firecracker, that’s for sure. A great thing about Pregnant Pat is that the site has not just this solo kind of stuff where the girl rubs her swollen belly and breasts and her clit, also very swollen. Pregnant Pat also has quite a bit of hardcore action in it. Like most pregnant girls, she loves getting fucked. We are not sure whether it’s the same dick that got her knocked up, but she sure loves it. See the trailer and you’ll understand she’s in love with this thick meat pipe, almost too big and thick for this petite Thai future mother. Pregnant Pat seems like a good place to be, it is not fucking around, so why don’t we just check the member area.

If you used to be annoyed by the fact that most preggo sites don’t have enough content and the content they have looks like crap, you will find Pregnant Pat to be a nice break from all that nonsense. Pregnant Pat documents the sexual side of Pat’s pregnancy in a very detailed way. There are tens of videos to watch and hundreds of pictures to stare at while you’re beating off. Pat is quite a naughty little brat. She obviously wants you to have a great time, so she puts plenty of personality in each shoot. She measures her belly with a ruler and shows you her sex toys and once in a while blows that thick cock while the guy is filming it POV style. Or gets fucked, and you see the whole thing from the same angle. Each episode features her belly size and her weight. Obviously, the two figures keep growing as you go from older to newer sets. Each episode has a first person story and it’s real fun to read them. You do feel as if you got to know Pat real well. Her petite exotic body gets more and more swollen and it looks, well, super hot. Pat loves soapy showers and dildos and vibrators and masturbation and getting fucked in missionary and plenty of other things. Bareback, she adores it. When you’re done with Pat’s series, there is a whole bunch of her sexy Thai girlfriends. Their solo sites are available as bonuses!

Pregnant Pat is quite a place for the fan of preggo porn who also enjoys a bit of ethnic exotica. Pat is this little unstoppable hurricane of horniness. You watch her belly grow and her sexual appetites as well. Everything sexual that she does, including giving amazing head and getting boned, gets documented on 1080p HD video. A nice place for preggers porn fans, and a great deal, too – you get access to a bunch of other Thai solo girl sites for no extra charge. Neat!

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