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Pretty Lil Panties

Pretty Lil Panties

Review date: 21-Aug-2017 05:59. You'll find their fingers in 'em, and their delectable cheeks hanging out of them, this site is all about the Pretty Lil Panties. They promise nothing but hot teens giving high quality crotch shots while sporting tiny thongs, see through bikinis and even some cotton thigh high cut bloomers that will show off the sweetness of their well forming figures.

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Pretty Lil Panties

Intro promises:
Tour seems to be telling me that this site holds nothing but images, super high resolution images, but they do it in a bright and colorful way that just shouts fun from the beginning for this exclusive material. Membership opens up to the same bright hues of temptation, giving a sunny look to the moons we're about to see. Less than a half dozen links across the horizontal bar will lead us into the fabric of fun. I must admit, the cute, coyness personality wins me over every time, and that's what I found from the advertising set shot of Katya, she is adorable. They've done a great job at keeping these girls in their prime of teen looking years, and she is no different with her long highlighted blonde hair and tight little bottom. She and all of her friends list down through 9 pages, which equals 94 galleries, giving a sweet simplicity to finding just what you want with beautiful presentation.

Katya holds an even 100 pictures in her folder, and I really like the attitude the camera person has used doing the filming. It's not just put a leg here, now pull your knee up type of look, these girls are honestly having fun and they are striking the pose that seems like the right thing for them to be doing. And if you think it's all just snippets of material covering shaved little mounds, think again, because many of these young ladies, like Katya will strip free from their thong and bras are almost unheard of, so you get the full nude deal in a softcore way. She has a sweet little body that when bent over, does a nice job of showing the pouty pussy lips from behind. Her panty of choice for this set was a blue, see-through V-shaped crotch number that you can almost see a hint of moisture on that has darkened the material. She rolls them over her hips, giving a little chin over the shoulder look that shows attitude and orneriness before slipping them off all together'to give you the all together. They didn't lie when they promised high resolution for the images to this site. No matter what size your monitor, I dare say the enlargements are going to fill it from left to right. And it's not just the size in a case like this, it's the clarity, the soft warm flesh tones that keep the naturalness in the display, it's the intricate parts of Katya and the other girls that show so clearly, the tiny goose-bumps, the belly button rings, the folds of their vagina, the pale, almost transparent look to their young, fresh nipples that makes you crave milk. With an enlargement size of, 1467x2200 pixels, you are going to get everything, the detail is too precise to hide any flaws.

Besides the approximate 9,500 pictures that are offered on those 9 pages, there is also an archive link. This will lead you into another 36 galleries, with varying counts of anywhere from 50 pictures each to nearly 200, so they are meaning serious and sensual business with these offerings. They keep the same cute little quirks going from the archive as they did from the focused sets, the upskirt action, the lingerie look, the tiny, natural teen tits, the fun loving way it's filmed, it's all there and it's all good.

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