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Prison Lesbians

Prison Lesbians

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 07:06. Despite the title and the splash page, this site in no way focuses on lesbians in prison in fact, I hunted for a lesbians-in-prison clip, and failed to find even one. If that's what you're looking for, you can stop reading now.

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Prison Lesbians

Intro promises:
This site links to several external sites, all of which have lesbian content. The sites themselves look slick, with hot photos and great design; unfortunately, it's merely a veneer. Several purport to offer clips in both Quicktime and Windows Media, but only the Windows Media option works when you attempt to get a Quicktime video, you're given the message 'Quicktime temporarily unavailable.' When I did play the videos, I discovered that many of them had the washed-out look of an old videotape that's been played too often. One satellite site didn't come up at all. One site ' Lesbomatic ' is so caught up in a high-concept robotic lesbian navigation scheme that it's entirely impossible to go from clip to clip, which is a pity, as the clip I did manage to view was quite hot.

There are some good points about the sites this links to, however. Many of the videos are anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes long, broken up into clips of roughly a minute and a half, that automatically follow each other. Some of the clips are slow, but you can sort through the pictures that accompany them and figure out where the action is. The women are largely of one type, however ' all white women with heavily hairsprayed long curls or waves, with big tits on a slim build.

This site offers several different links, some with very hot video clips. Its price, however, is a bit too high for its content ' and it's sadly lacking in prison lesbians.

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