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Private Sex Tapes

Private Sex Tapes

Review date: 26-Oct-2011 14:53. Apparently there’s not enough porn in Russia! Maybe that’s why certain young couples are so willing to make some of their own. Check out Private Sex Tapes and see real Russian and European couples getting it on – and getting it all on film, just for the thrill of it. Private Sex Tapes features exclusive private sex content plus everything for a great experience.

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Private Sex Tapes

Intro promises:
Amateur-made porn has been exploding for a while now and it’s still hot, in every possible meaning. Just like the media revolution gave everyone his or her 15 minutes of fame, the amateur porn revolution can give you the 15 minutes of being a pornstar of your own. Well, in the case with Private Sex Tapes, not 15 minutes, more like 60+. The site in our today’s focus is the place where Russian and European couples go when they want to show off their sexual escapades to the world – and probably make some cash too. That’s right, the site welcomes couples who are willing to film some exclusive stuff, and there is money in it. Check it out, there’s a whole section here on how to submit your stuff. Well, looks like it’s very real here. You know, some sites mention they accept submissions but in reality this is just phony stuff to make it all look not so commercial as it really is. The case with Private Sex Tapes is different. You will need to be ready to follow certain guidelines and such. Well, you’ll find out yourself. For now, let’s have a look at the site’s public part. There are previews of the content, of course, as well as some showcasing of the site’s goodies. Public Sex Tapes was built by the same guys who brought us Pickup Fuck, Porn Weekends, WTF Pass and some other amateur slash reality masterpieces we have reviwed already – search My Sex Porn to find out what we think about them!

As with all other sites from the same bunch of sites, Private Sex Tapes really creates a solid experience with its consistency, design and features. If they show rating and voting and comments and nice design on the outside, be sure you’ll have it in the member area as well. Anyway, the site’s concept is as follows. A couple has to shoot something every day during a week, at least 60-70 minutes of stuff – and hot stuff, too! A week’s bundle of videos is called a season and days are episodes. Much like TV shows. Couples also shoot pictures, not just videos. But we are here for the flicks, right? The overall vibe of it all is very enticing. You really take a peak into private lives of people who are young, sexy and got that bit of exhibitionism you need to look hot and cool on camera. They do it at home, they do it outdoors, in public places, in hotels, on vacation, well, you name it. Every couple wants to stand out and get the cash prize so you know, there’s no shortage of creativity here. And hot, sweaty sex, too! So far it’s been 35+ couples going through the whole week of shooting thing. That’s a lot, we think. Everything tells us there’s more to come. Who wouldn’t want to make some money while nailing their young girlfriends and putting it all online? You kinda get involved into the entire thing so pretty soon you’ll have your favorite couples, girls and episodes!

Private Sex Tapes looks like an amateur porn site done right. Instead of collecting some random trash available all over the web, the guys here have made an effort of attracting real life couples who shoot exclusive sex tapes with their actual lovemaking. The diversity is stunning here, lots of situations, locations, scenarios, positions, you name it. The hour long episodes are available for unlimited watching and downloading, as are the pictures. If you like young couples doing it for real, going all the way to get off, impress you the watcher and possibly get some $$$, well, start browsing Private Sex Tapes right now.

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