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Public Agent

Public Agent

Review date: 6-Sep-2017 12:33. It’s the Czech Republic again, and if you think it’s going to be something crazy and out of control, you are right. Public Agent takes the whole reality and sex in public thing to a very new level. The site is centered around the wrongdoings of this dude who walks around town offering girls money for modeling jobs which do not exist and ending up boning them right there. Insane stuff!

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Public Agent

Intro promises:
Why the Czech Republic again? Does this cozy, tiny European country even have decent girls who won’t have sex with strangers in the street, sometimes for a little cash and sometimes for free? We don’t know. What is more, we don’t want to know. The country is now synonymous with hot open-minded girls who like cock and cash, and if you have both, they will have it all. Public Agent is a brand new site we found out about today, and don’t think our ramblings about the Czech Republic were for nothing here. This new site is all about this one guy who walks around pretending to be working for a model agency, luring girls in the streets into showing some skin and then working his way in their panties. Don’t be too fast to say you’ve seen shit like that. Public Agent really seems hotter and more extreme. The guy is quite an asshole, talking dirty to the girls, shamelessly offering them wads of cash and shooting wads of thick gooey cum on and inside their pussies when they specifically ask them not to. Also, you can see and hear cars and people passing by. All together, combined, creates mind-blowing episodes. How do we know? The site’s tour, looking not fancy at all, offers great preview opportunities. Check out the main video trailer and episode trailers, and you’ll want to see everything for real right away. After all, hasn’t it always been your dream, girls getting slutty for your member and your money?

The trailers are fine, but they’re just not enough. Public Agent has enough episodes inside to keep you busy for a long time. We loved how the shoots are really long and good-looking in terms of quality, but feeling totally real at the same time. The guy holds the camera himself at all times, well, maybe not technically holds, maybe it’s attached to something, but you get the idea. All the shakiness and the angles and the spontaneous feel of secretly filmed reality erotica is there. He approaches another girl in the street, starts off with innocent questions, throws in a few compliments, and before you know it he’s already holding the cash out, offering the chicks to show some goodies. They don’t agree right away. You can see the doubts and the offense. But what can you do, it’s a poor European country. Soon they’re showing the gems and then the guy ups the ante. I have more, he says. Suck my cock, he says. Well, you’ll see for yourself, but the way the girls act, you never really believe the fun is going to take place. Until it does, of course. The sex is quite nasty and in the end he blows his load on their delicious Czech pussies. Where did you cum, they ask. Not inside, right? At this point the guy usually giggles and starts running away. That bastard! Public Agent manages to deliver the usual public slash reality slash casting porn thrills, but it does throw in a lot of extra stuff. The girls act very naturally and you’ll feel this last phrase was a total dealbreaker. But then it wasn’t. You’re always paying attention, the stories just grab you and hold you.

Public Agent is a mind-blowing brand new site with this crazy badass dude walking around Czech towns and offering girls cash and modeling jobs. He’s only after their tight shaved pussy and he always gets it. After all, no Czech girl would refuse the money their moms make in a month for just showing the rack. No big deal, right? The dude knows his way around stuff. Soon he’s already creaming their tight Czech pussies driving the girls insane. Yet another local slut, totally owned! These videos are filmed under completely real circumstances, with passers by, random cars, noises and all the thrills you may need. Also, the sex is crazy hot. See it all now!

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