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Public Place Nudism

Public Place Nudism

Review date: 10-Oct-2017 08:04. The line between nudism and exhibitionism is a fine one indeed, but we'll take it without asking too many questions, thank you! I don't have the nerve to do what the Public Place Nudism chicks do, but I'm happy to watch them do it. After all, I'm a critic. Like Roger Ebert, it's not my job to put myself on the line and do any of the things I critique. Truth be told, that's a good thing for all involved.

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Public Place Nudism

Intro promises:
Anyhow, back to the site! It's been undergoing some construction and now it's compatible with most browsers. The design is clean and simple, not at all what I've come to expect from a mega-site. While I'm not sure that's what this is, there is a huge archive full of nonexclusive content.

I counted 78 sets of photos of our nudist gals, with 23 more sets to cater to certain niches and 10 additional sets all about public exposure. The exclusive galleries contain about 50 photos within, featuring candid snapshots and amateur pics at a very reasonable quality (804x536). The pictures show off a nice variety of scenarios. We've got everything from chicas getting naked on the side of the highway to babes flashing the cam coming out of the grocery store. We see some reactions from passersby, for a hilarious and kinky peepshow. There are over 200 nonexclusive videos. Most can be streamed on Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, while others can be downloaded as MPEGs at varying speeds (350k, 466k or 676k). There are also 90 links to vid sites and 53 live feed chat links. The movies don't boast the best quality, but they at least put on a show. We've got upskirt, exposed video and voyeur movies to enjoy.

While the site's main attraction serves up the goods, I can't help but think that other niche sites have done a better job, overall, of delivering content variety.

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