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Public Sex Adventures

Public Sex Adventures

Review date: 21-Sep-2011 19:14. We guess all of us have at least fantasized about doing the nasty outdoors, risking being seen, and the craziest of us have actually done this. Well, you can re-live and enrich your public outdoor sex experience right now with Public Sex Adventures. This site can be hot and hilarious at the same time, with silly girls nailed in very risky places all across Central Europe!

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Public Sex Adventures

Intro promises:
Public outdoor sex is the perfect adrenaline-powered thing. Not only you’re doing it in a totally unfamiliar location, you also risk being seen by other people – with possible consequences ranging from funny to legal. Boy, this is exactly what makes the entire thing so thrilling. We understand that you might be reluctant to risk breaking the law or at least looking stupid. Still there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting some good kicks out of the entire public sex thing! Public Sex Adventures here is yet another reality slash amateur crossover site which was launched not long ago as part of a network of similar sites. Some of these, or should we say most of these already got into our spotlight here at My Sex Porn. You can check out the free tour area of Public Sex Adventures and find out about the sites in the network – and then get back here to learn what they are all about. Or better still, let’s concentrate on Public Sex Adventures here. You’ll get access to all other network sites when you get your account anyway. And boy is there plenty of good stuff to see here. Public Sex Adventures offers a bunch of very kickass video trailers which got hot sex, public indecency and goofing around mixed just in the right proportions. The tour area also offers some details about the site, the way it’s all organized, and about the content too. Be sure to check it all out – and see you inside!

Public Sex Adventures is a site of our favorite kind – an honest and nice-looking one. Its member area looks similar to the tour zone with all the bells and whistles like polls, comments, ratings, site facts and more. It’s very user friendly and it gives you a choice of ways to browse the site’s content selection. You can go for latest added episodes of which there are around 20 total, or check out the catalog of the girls, or maybe choose what other members liked the most. It’s all a very nice wrapping but what about the product itself? Well, check this out. Public Sex Adventures is all about some very funny guy who travels around Europe, mostly its porn hotspots like Prague and Budapest, shooting gonzo slash POV slash reality videos as he meets regular girls in the streets. The guy has a funny way of talking and he really can make you crack up. He meets these very normal looking girls and in a while they end up in some semi-hidden location, usually a park. There, it goes nasty big time. Titjobs, anal sex, stockings, cum eating, cowgirl rides, they do it all and more. You can actually use tags to jump to episodes with your favorite kind of sex. The videos run for good 50 minutes, come in great resolution – and somehow finish with the guy grabbing his and the girl’s stuff and running away! It’s always a hilarious ending to fun and sexy stuff going on!

Public Sex Adventures is a great site with long, full quality videos shot under very special circumstances. You’ll either love or hate the guy behind the camera as he meets girls, talks bullshit to strangers, has sex with these girls in parks, films strangers through the bushes as they pass by and the risk of getting caught goes through the roof, and does plenty of other stupid, funny and naughty shit. It’s fun, sex and spontaneously wild action all the way. The site is very much worth its subscription cost, and remember that you get access to a whole network of other great sites!

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