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Public Violations

Public Violations

Review date: 29-Apr-2010 14:47. How about a really new flavor for your adult entertainment experience? Public Violations sounds nasty, and nasty it is. Watch the hottest chicks on the hood getting the sexiest type of public disgrace. The bitches are about to get their pants pulled down, tricked into outdoor sex and secretly filmed, and sprayed in the face with something white – you know what it is.

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Public Violations

Intro promises:
Public Violations is the sort of site where you see hot girls owned – in a bad way. The preview area is filled with public disgrace clips featuring unsuspecting hotties getting attacked by site crew members. They trick the silly sluts into shameless outdoor sex, make them show off their gems by pulling their clothes down and running away, and doing a plethora of other naughty tricks to keep us hard and entertained. This is quite a unique concept for an adult site. Don’t worry, there’s lots of sexy in here. Sharking at its best, this is what you might call it. Time to fill the streets with indecency! Browse around the free zone and see what it’s all about: anonymous guys attacking chicks at the mall, in the streets or wherever else a silly hottie may wander.

The site is fairly new. Don’t worry about it having too little content. The site is a great value for its money with its updates every three days and tons of other naughty XXX stuff to check out within the Porn Pros network which probably has every sort of smut you may ever want to see. The site is integrated into the network, so you can freely browse whatever you want. The home page lists all the network updates in one place, and this is truly convenient. There are as many as 30 extra sites for you to see and counting.

The content here is high quality with WMV and MPEG downloads. This is for the videos, and for the photos you have 850px imagery which is quite well shot and produced for this sort of site. Remember, the amateur feel is integral to this kind of site, so natural and authentic rules here. The videos also come as mobile adapted for your portable. Which means, you can carry the content from Public Violations with you anywhere. But don’t let this insane shit inspire you to something like the guys here do! It most certainly looks less than legal. The pictures can be viewed as slideshow or downloaded in a single ZIP package. The videos are full length, with screencaps for your convenience. You can also bookmark your favorite scenes via the network’s native bookmarking features.

All in all this looks like a very promising new site with a terrific concept and a good promise for the future. The site bridges above par content quality with the sexy thrill of sharking, sex in public and all other types of sexy public indecency. You should see the silly bitches’ faces! The episodes capture a great deal of nudity and let you feel the thrill of such public disgrace just fine. The girls are all super hot looking and the satisfaction of seeing something this naughty done to them in public is enjoyable alone. The Porn Pros network is one huge collection of high grade adult content and you will never regret checking it all out.

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