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Pure Pee

Pure Pee

Review date: 8-Dec-2014 09:43. Looks like Extreme Movie Pass is upping their game again. Pure Pee, their new site about all sorts of wild pissing amateurs, has an awesome sleek look and offers tons of really high grade content. All this is combined with the network’s trademark insanity and perversion. Check this thing out now and enjoy all the 80+ niche sites that are included in your membership 100% free of charge.

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Pure Pee

Intro promises:
If you have a thing for kinky peeing girls who like taking a leak in all sorts of pervy situations and locations, you have probably been thinking, where are all the awesome new pissing fetish sites. Right? The scene hasn't been very active recently – but today, we have great news for everyone into sexy golden showers and girls getting wet and wild. Who else could it be if not the renowned Extreme Movie Pass network? Those people have been dishing out narrow niche sites full of very special content for years. Just think about it, they have over 80 sites on the roster right now. Not generic sites, mind you, like other networks often have, but really well-thought niche and micro-niche sites that mostly cater to very specific fantasies and desires. With Pure Pee, they are breathing new life into the scene, and we love that. They also seem to be upping their game. They are known for their raw amateur content and uncensored action. Pure Pee seems to be also about great image quality and sleek looks. Check out the free tour area to see what we mean. The site definitely has a modern feel to it, and even though the action remains crazy and uninhibited, the quality level definitely went up. The tour has all the information you may want to get before signing up – which you should totally do.

Ready for all-around wetness? These girls have been holding a leak back for what seems like forever. They can’t wait to let these tight salty streams flow! Pure Pee gives you a great choice of kinky pissing-themed shoots with crazy amateur hotties in them. From more glamorous episodes with fancy nylons and accessories and all that to spontaneous peeing in parks and streets, with a bit of hardcore pissing sex in between, Pure Pee seems to be very comprehensive. It’s still about raw unpolished peeing, lesbian pissing fetish action and everything amateur – but the guys have really improved the overall quality level. The member area looks great and offers a neat range of features. The movies, even though a lot of them are filmed in the field, often literally, come in high definition. You can stream and download these videos without limits. Pure Pee seems to update every few days, and most, if not all sites within the Extreme Movie Pass family seem to grow regularly. We are talking over 30 thousand different videos here. The newer ones obviously have better quality, but even if you go back on the update timeline, you will find plenty of very worthy material. All of it is going to be kinky as hell! If you are looking for fresh and crazy peeing erotica, Pure Pee is your choice. Check it out now and enjoy all the Extreme Movie Pass goodies.

If you have been waiting for a new site that would satisfy your need to see horny crazy amateur girls taking a much-needed tinkle, Pure Pee is at your service. A yet another killer Extreme Movie Pass site, it has all the pissing action you may ever want to see. From a spontaneous leak in the park to a full-on pissing sex orgy, this place is ready to get you wet and hard. Join today and remember that there are 83+ sites in this network that just never seems to stop growing!

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