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Rage Story

Rage Story

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:09. Do you think hate fucks are hot? How about boyfriends and husbands getting back at their adulterous women by fucking them super hard? She knows she deserves it, so he kinda has the indulgence to do everything he’s been hiding deep inside! Rage Story, yet another great adult site with kickass stories, lets you explore these and all related fantasies – in HD!

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Rage Story

Intro promises:
Is porn experiencing a revival of feature films? Or it’s just that producers cannot get the same success with plain, primitive fucking anymore? It’s hard to say. Porn used to be a feature film thing back in 70s and 80s, and recently it was mostly about sex with little to know background stories and characters. Somehow we like people are trying to embrace new things, and Rage Story comes in quite handy here. The site sort of continues the line set by another site from the same company called My Bro’s Gf. We reviewed it here not long ago, and if you don’t remember, it was about guys whose girlfriends end up fucking their own brothers. Rage Story here explores the fits of anger and frustration men go through when finding out about infidelity or just remembering a past issue. Punishment with cock seems satisfying enough – and it turns out to be this way for both the silly, sex-addicted sluts, and their boyfriends and husbands. They say a good nasty fuck is a great way to come to terms for a couple. True, perhaps, but so many wild things can happen before that! Rage Story features a great tour area which lets you plunge into a whole lot of infidelity situations where enraged men whip out their adrenaline-powered boners and just give these sluts a hard, hot time. Lots of site details are given, no video trailers, alas, but the free images are big and crispy. The site does look good, and we wanted to get in right away. And we did!

Rage Story looked great on the outside, and it sure rocks when you are in. The site has a well-designed member area where things are kept on a high level of quality and accessibility. It’s great to see interactivity happening. Most, if not all sets have comments from members, and sometimes reading them is a whole separate kind of fun. The site is new as we said, but it already has like 40-something episodes to see. The stories run for around half an hour each if we speak about the videos. You get to download the WMV files with genuine 1080p resolution. They look just totally kickass. As for the pictures, they are available in bunches of 200+ per every episode. Not screencaps, they will rock your world with superior crispness, great lighting and everything else which makes hardcore sex photos so enjoyable. The stories are pretty creatively made, with a whole range of situations where a guy can fly into a temper about the promiscuity of his ‘better’ half. It can be recent or it can be a thing of the past, but one thing is for sure. The bitches do deserve some deep, hard, nasty boning. The sex is really good. When you see her juices flowing as she gets her head grabbed or her mouth gagged or whatever else the guy feels like doing, it’s just inimitable. The girls are all young and quite slutty looking we should say.

Rage Story is a very creatively and professionally built product. You get access to two other company sites as bonus, and you can actually see My Bro’s Gf first, which we reviewed here, and then move on to Rage Story. The two form some sort of nice continuity as sometimes the Rage Story episodes take place after the infidelity committed in a video My Bro’s Gf has to offer. The other bonus site is quite good as well and it’s coming up next here at My Sex Porn. Rage Story offers great stories, intense rage fucks and some spectacular 1080p HD content.

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