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Rave Glory Hole

Rave Glory Hole

Review date: 6-Jun-2016 12:00. Rave Glory Hole is about a club far far away with a super popular bathroom because of two glory holes in the walls and a long tradition of fighting boredom with a good blowjob & swallowing a hot load!

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Rave Glory Hole

Intro promises:
I have not run across a lot of glory hole sites on the web and I have never reviewed one so I am a little curious to check this one out. The blowjob niche is a big one and I guess glory hole is a sub niche, the depersonalized blowjob. This is something that has crossed over from the gay world. Normally it is guys who like to blow cocks stuck through a hole in the washroom stall. But for us hetero guys it works knowing that the lips on the other side belong to a woman. The hole in the wall in the promo looks as though it is big enough to get your head through it. The girls on the tour are attractive. There are no trailers which is a little funny given it is appears to be a movie site. It is nice to see someone binging a new twist to a niche. This isn't just any glory hole. It is one in a club.

The video clips when they do finally download are large format, 640x480 pixels. They look very good when played at full screen. The number of video clips on the movies I looked at range from 4-6. The first two clips usually present the girl dancing in a dark club before she makes her way to the notorious glory hole toilet. I recommend you skip all the action in the club. It is often very dark and totally non-sexual. The aggravation of waiting for the downloads to get in your computer is just not worth it. The thumbnails let you know where the real action is. And the real action consists of these Russian girls dealing with two erect cocks that poke through large glory holes, one on each of the toilet stall walls. Many of the girls are extremely attractive. Take Dasha for instance. She is a slim raven-haired beauty. Once in the toilet she is soon jerking off both erect penises, one of them quite large. Her oral ministrations go back and forth from one cock to the other. It is almost like watching a tennis match. Next she impales her self on one cock while continuing to suck the other. She then switches cocks. While being fucked the cock she is sucking erupts in her mouth. She lets the cum dribble out of her mouth and she continues to suck and lick the guy's penis until it goes totally flaccid in her mouth. All this time she is continuing to be fucked by the penis protruding from the other wall. The scene finishes with her taking another thick creamy load of cum in her mouth and she again continues sucking until the guy's limp member falls finally from her lips. I downloaded half a dozen different girls and all of them finished their scenes in a fashion nearly identical to this. I found the movies well done and engaging—é

This site works will as a twist on the blowjob theme. Here the fucking and sucking and great facial cum shots involve attractive young women dealing with disembodied cocks stuck through holes in the wall. This is a fairly new site with not a huge amount of content yet but the content is has is exclusive and enticing. There is a lot of bonus material available as well to augment the site. Some people will be put off by the fact that there is no streaming option for the videos. The downloads take twice as long as some of the other sites out there on better servers. Nevertheless, I think Rave Glory Hole is site that will appeal to those who like the concept of anonymous impersonal sex.

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