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Real BJ

Real BJ

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 06:23. Just kidding, fellas. Then only guys I know who don't care about blowjobs are dead or comatose. But as rational people know, there are many virtues to cocksucking: it's fast, easy, any girl can do it, you can't get pregnant, it can be done without getting totally naked, it can be accomplished in confined spaces, like cars and airplane lavatories, and as any college coed will tell you, it's not really sex. Let's face it: almost any blowjob is a good blowjob.

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Real BJ

Intro promises:
Is there anything more annoying then a million unending pop-ups, or a blowjob? I don't know about you, but having some hot naked crazy ass babe unzipping your fly with her teeth, then unfurling your firehose into her warm, wet mouth until it attains that familiar, uncomfortable stiffness, then trying to wedge the little sucker between her lips, or flick at it with her tongue, or cram it down her throat, until the damn thing starts spitting out a hot creamy load on her tits, her hands, down her throat or all over her face, has to be one of the most excruciating ordeals a guy can go through.

Like a gazillion other websites, Real BJ extols the many virtues of face fucking by providing cocksucking devotees with photo galleries filled with hot babes swallowing tong, and video feeds, like Cum Suckers, Cum Queens, Cum Guzzlers, and the excellent Video Babes. And they come in different speeds for those with dial-ups or high speed cable modems.

There's also a section of staff picks that include hardcore games, dirty cartoons, a section on adult video stars, a Naughty Chat room, an ongoing adult comic book called Space-Amazones, and hardcore Puppets, a site where you control the action. All in all, Real BJ is a good site for the blowjob lover in you.

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