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Real College BFs

Real College BFs

Review date: 11-May-2014 18:43. Remember the college days full of lust and heat when you were attracted to so many hot men on campus at the same time? With Real College BFs you can re-live those thrilling times as often as you wish. The site is jam-packed with sizzling hot, all-amateur material featuring men you would love to become your bfs back in the college days.

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Real College BFs

Intro promises:
Even if your college times are long gone, you can still re-experience the wonderful feeling of being among dozens and dozens of young, smart, sexy, promiscuous men who are up for almost anything. Real College BFs lets you live through the same wonderful feelings all over again. The site focuses on youthful looking men of every possible skin color who love showing off their goodies and playing with other hot men in the naughtiest ways possible. The site has a great amateur feel to it and looks like you will never feel that you’re in some pro porn territory. After all, it’s supposed to take you to the days in college, right? Real College BFs seems to deserve every word in its name. These guys are real, they can easily be in college right now for what we know, and you could want all of them to be your boyfriends. And it’s not like they would mind! The site’s public zone is a collection of previews and nothing else. These are mostly pictures, but there are so many of them you will need nothing more. Seriously, looks like all, or at least most of the stuff Real College BFs has, is shown as previews in the free area. From what we can see, it’s all about young athletic men, Caucasian, Latino and African-American, harvesting the fruits of joyous college life which lets them have as much gay sex fun as possible.

Real College BFs focuses on youthful, fresh-looking men and sometimes wanders over to the twink site. Not your thin underfed type of twink, no. These are big, strong, well-nurtured American men you would love to have around yourself in college. And they just seem to have the lust for hardcore stuff you appreciate most in boys of this age. Most of the scenes feature couple action, with an occasional threesome here and there, and a touch of interracial sometimes as well. Solo fun gets its share of attention as well, with boys letting themselves go in all sorts of locations. All movies and pictorials feature uncensored sex action, so nothing will be ever hidden from your hungry eyes. In terms of content, the site has both pictures and videos. They all look amateurish, but this is not a bad thing here. There is just enough amateur in all of this to give you a feel that it’s real. With their super hot sugary looks and natural, not gay-for-pay performances, these guys are going to charm the shit out of you. The content collection is already massive with thousands of items in it, both for still images and movies as well. And it seems to get bigger every damn day! Which only means more amateur college boys, more hardcore gay sex and more fun just like it was back in the day for you. Oh, it wasn’t exactly like this? Time to re-experience it the way you want right now!

Real College BFs is everything the name says. Real, college, boyfriends, it’s all there. The site puts it in front of you in a pretty straightforward way. Pictures, videos, updates, here it is, enjoy it. There are literally thousands of content items to explore, and more seem to come every single day. The site is a great way to plunge into the atmosphere of raunchy, limitless college debauchery where everybody enjoys everything just because it is happening for the first time, and because the men in college are so damn hot.

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