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Real Girls Play

Real Girls Play

Review date: 21-Apr-2014 05:29. Amateur porn with complete newbies doesn’t seem well-made enough while commercial porn is too plastic and emotionless? We know that feel, bro. Give Real Girls Play a try. This new glossy site is all about real life girls with jobs, apartments and hobbies. And their very own masturbation techniques! Watch as these young pretty ladies make themselves cum so hard – in high definition!

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Real Girls Play

Intro promises:
Words like real and especially amateur have been used in porn so many times you hardly notice them anymore. Yet they are in fact supposed to mean something – and when they actually do, it’s just so satisfying. Another thing, normally, when you are watching amateur content, it may leave much to be desired in terms of quality or in fact general interestingness. What if pro level production and the natural attitude of newbies could be brought together? Luckily for all of us, it is brought together. This is exactly what this new site called Real Girls Play does. This is a classy, top notch kind of site that brings real girls with real jobs and hobbies and personalities closer to you than you could ever expect. Real Girls Play features high definition videos that start sort of like interviews, the girls giggle a bit, then they start showing more and more skin, and then they are real into it, they play with their pussies and clits till they cum for real and very hard in front of you. It’s not some fake solo girl erotica you may have seen elsewhere. Real is a very important thing here. The write up tells you the girl’s story, she talks a bit about herself, she giggles because she’s never been naked on camera. The tension increases as she drives herself over the edge. See the free video trailer, you’ll love it!

What can we say. Real Girls Play discloses what real girls are all about better than most sites that claim to have non-professional performers. In fact, not must, we feel like it’s 100% of sites out there. The combination of really stellar production and girls that are real, natural, unglamorized, with real world personalities and zero erotic modeling experience, this is just wonderful. Real Girls Play is new, but the site has shown great promise. Every week, they add a brand new girl with a brand new video story. The write up lets you find out what the girl does and what she is all about, enough details for you to start feeling you kinda know her already. Then she tells you more in the video, then she shows you more, then she uses that dildo or a vibrator or just plays with her clit looking right in your eyes… You end up feeling as if you just hooked up with her and you are just fooling around on the bed together. Which, of course, makes you cum hard and strong and all over the place, basically. For a site with no guy on girl sex and penetration only meaning her own fingers in her own vagina, Real Girls Play is surprisingly hot. Crisp high resolution pictures are available for browsing and downloading, and the HD movies look really good. There’s quite a bit of clever editing and production, but it does not take way from the spontaneous nature of the show the girls are putting on for you. For the very first time, too!

Real Girls Play is an interesting and ambitious site that lets real life girls reveal their personalities and self-pleasuring preferences to you on HD video. Every week, you get to meet a brand new American hottie. Not a porn slut, not an erotic model, not a model at all, even. A regular girl you see in the street or at work – but now undressing in front of you and cumming hard! Real Girls Play has done everything right, and we recommend the site to everyone out there who’s into real and high quality. See Real Girls Play now!

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