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Real Huge Clits

Real Huge Clits

Review date: 16-Oct-2017 06:00. I suppose that there are some fetishes even I wasn’t aware of. Huge clits? Really? Okay. A whole site dedicated to them, in fact. Well, at least, three whole feeds dedicated to them. But a feed can sometimes make a whole site, as BackAlleyHookers proved; even with a portal site, sometimes the main attraction is a great site all on its own.

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Real Huge Clits

Intro promises:
So what have we here? Real Huge Clits, the photo feed, is decidedly a mixed bag. There are some photos here that seem, well, like perfectly normal clits to me. I don’t know, maybe I haven’t been looking at the right ones. Mainly they’re reverse cowgirl or spread shots with a clear view of the goods. Sometimes you can’t see the clit at all. Sometimes the lips are a bit flappy, perhaps. In other photos, there are, indeed, some big clits showing up, and sometimes they’re startling and oddly exciting. In a third type of photo featured here, there are strange appendages digitally affixed within the sacred folds of womens' wide-open pussies. This last is rather disconcerting. At any rate, though, if you want big clit pictures, you will indeed find some nice ones here; it just takes a bit of sifting.

On to the videos! Big Clits, Big Lips is the first I sample. Indeed, the first video I see is of a woman with inner labia like unto a deep violet orchid or a strange sea creature, rife with rippling folds and dark meaty flesh. If you’re as sick of those tight, pink little pussies as most people are of silicone breasts, then this will be a refreshing sight. The next video clip I check out is shockingly hot, with a taut, normal-person-looking blonde getting fucked by a guy who just keeps letting loose with the dirty talk, and makes her come numerous times. Her clit, I suppose, is a bit more visible and larger than most, though I wouldn’t call it “huge.” But her reactivity is the part that’s really worth it. Going a bit further back, I watched a clip of a girl with a very large clit indeed, playing with it, bending over and showing it off, and so forth. Then a man tongue-assaults it with a gusto that would probably make me pass out. Point being, for the most part, if big clits and lips are what you’re looking for, this feed delivers, and if the implication is that size matters, then it seems big girls have more fun.

The third feed, you ask? Well, it had to happen sometime on a portal site – doesn’t seem to work, at least not for me. The usual stuff is available on this site as it is everywhere, so it’s really only worth your while to join this particular site if big meaty pussies and clits are your kink. But if they are – there’s plenty here to keep you busy.

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