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Red Ass Models

Red Ass Models

Review date: 4-Feb-2017 06:14. Red Ass Models promises viewers models who have come to their studio to get spanked and fucked. They say that they deliver spankings the models never expected and leave their asses bright red. There is one downloadable trailer with significant ass slapping, and several other links that advertise trailers but are not. Members find youngish models of varying size butts to watch in videos and short picture sets.

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Red Ass Models

Intro promises:
Asses are whooped until bright red or the model calls for an end. They are sometimes finger fucked, although the ad states some are cock fucked as well: we didn't see any. We did come across some lesbo spanking. This is definitely spanking done creatively. Okay, this isn't going to be easy: but it's worth hanging in there. After putting in your login information, you're going to be off in never-never land with the home page of a network of porn sites. Don't panic! Scroll down (more than half way, I'd say) and in the right hand column you will locate this site. Click on the picture and you're there at Red Ass Models. There aren't many flicks or models at the moment, as the site appears to be among the newer ones. Don't use the navigation bar on top or you'll be back in the wilderness. Pictures have no zip downloads or automated slide shows. Movies can be seen in their entirety. If you're smart, you'll do the old right click thing (save link as, save target as in Mozilla and IE respectively) and not simply spend forever tying up the screen with a long quicktime download.

Red Ass Models provides viewers with lots of spanking. Female models volunteer their asses and claim they are into the practice. Some appear to regret their decision. Most are spanked by strong men and often finger fucked along the way. We didn't see any cock fucking. A few scenes were lesbo spankings and pussy tickling. This is certainly kinky and original content, exclusive to the site. Forget the dialog and turn off the sound unless you like the moaning. The models appear to be amateurs in it for the fun. Models on Red Ass Models provide considerable asses to be spanked until red and then bruised for a week. They are mostly youngish (18-21 year old) looking for an adventure in the world of porn; and none were really bad to look at. The gallery is not huge; but it is growing. A red ass is a red ass and what's attached at the other end is of little concern. It will probably harden any guy into this practice. Red Ass Model pictures are done well, even though screen caps. The photography captures interesting views and the shots are cropped for enlargement. Unfortunately, there is no automated slide show or any zip file download. Sets are sometimes small (maybe 30) and have no consistency in numbers. Movies on Red Ass Models wastes some time at the beginning with small talk, although I guess that's just a social convention. Getting down to business, they have very good videography and someone is directing and producing a professional product. You watch the movie in its entirety. Download times are enough to read the newspaper cover to cover. Rather than tie up the computer, right click and save it to disk. There are 37 sites that are part of the Suck My Dick network. Red Ass Models is one of them. Additionally, a host of more free access locations satisfy most carnal fantasies.

Beyond getting the neophyte surfer befuddled with the network home page and navigation bar at the top of the page, this is a good site for those interested in watching asses spanked until beet red. Some finger fucking occurs, and the hype said an occasional cock fuck too. We did not choose to look at every flick to see if that was accurate. The library is not yet huge; but it is adequate. The bonus sites alone make a trial membership a real consideration. Pictures are okay, but videos can be downloaded to disk in their entirety. If you are into spanking, go for it.

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