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Red Assed Teens

Red Assed Teens

Review date: 4-Feb-2017 06:20. These girls have been too naughty for just a good fuck. Red Ass Teens has the hottest girls who like to be bad and like getting hardcore ass whippings for the things they do! Whether they've been fighting too much, sucking too hard, fucking too hard, or just talking back because there's no cock to put in their mouths, it all leads up to a hard pounding...not in the ass, but on the ass!

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Red Assed Teens

Intro promises:
You can get to the latest updates of the site, over twenty hot teen models, and special offers. Hot teen girls who act up and then it's bottoms up and bottoms paddled and caned and beaten! These girls get caught in the act every single time they do wrong, and they probably like the punishment more than committing the crime. But then these babes have to do the time getting spanked!

These 22 chicks end up red-cheeked after being caught red-handed! It's a small price to pay, but maybe with a big orgasm or even a hot fuck following. These girls are going through their rebellious stages and finally getting to explore their growing tits and dripping cunts, but somebody has to keep them in line, and maybe get off doing it! Xena got caught touching herself in the bathroom, and it's off to the headmaster's office for her! Now Xena has to take a hard open-palm spanking, but she gets to give a blowjob to make up for pleasuring herself. Karamel gets to give up a hot blowjob for forgiveness, too. She was late getting to her boyfriend when he needed some pussy, and after she gets her ass torn up by his hand, he finally gets a good piece of tongue! Over a hundred pictures of each spanking session are here for you. You can see every episode laid out in high-resolution screencaps before you decide to watch the scene. Trinity gets the old-fashioned type of ass beating in her photoshoot. She misbehaves so much that the warden has to come in on a Sunday to discipline her. Trinity takes a powerful caning and spanking that has her crying and shaking like a little girl afterwards. Yeah, she liked it! Diana looks like the goody-two-shoes type in her schoolgirl uniform, but she fucks it up when she gets caught smoking in school. She doesn't get to take an easy punishment, either, because this isn't her first time in the headmaster's office. She's going to get the worse beating she's ever had, right over that pretty little ass of hers! Download or stream full episodes of hardcore spanking action! These clips come in high, low, quicktime, or MPG video files of babes that take the consequences for being naughty. Such sweet sorrow, tears of orgasm! Tobi was sent to a reformatory, and she still can't behave! After being interviewed, Warden Mike gives her the punishment she's never had before. Since Tobi likes to steal, he's going to steal all the milky whiteness from her ass cheeks and leave it red and flushed from the beating. Extras include GagOnThis Weekly, PeeLover Bonuses, Club Sweet, Bonus videos and pictures from other sites, free live chats, full screen movie features, sweet galleries and even the Sweet Store! A bunch of bonus sites like She Fucks Guys, French Fisting, Gag Fuck, and Angels Of Porn Video, open up doors to more fetishes and and fucks!

Red Ass Teens proves that if you do the crime, you do the time. The girls on this site are bad girls who do bad because they like to be punished for it, and when they get punished good enough, they even offer up a good sexual favor in exchange. A spanking for a blowjob, or a caning for a deepthroat fuck!

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