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Retro Males

Retro Males

Review date: 7-Mar-2017 08:04. Who needs modern gay porn when they used to make such awesome XXX gay sex films back in the day? Oh, you don’t know? Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a VHS player to watch the best gay porn movies from Bijou Videos, a production studio that has been super popular 60s through the 80s. Vintage gay erotica, yay! So hot.

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Retro Males

Intro promises:
Do you believe there was such a thing as the golden days of porn? Some people say that when erotic content only started getting delivered to the public, it was a little bit different. Porn was not that commodified in the beginning, and the people who were doing it were all fans and they were discovering something and pushing the limits of what could be shown to people. And you can tell! In a lot of all these retro movies, you just can tell people are way more excited to be there than most porn performers these days. It applies to straight porn and gay porn alike. Well, if you want to experience the appeal of old school gay erotica, check out Retro Males here. This brand new site was built with one sole purpose. To give you access to the gems from the collection that encompasses decades of work by this porn production studio called Bijou. This seems like classic, vintage and retro gay porn at its finest. The free tour here at Retro Males does a brilliant showcase of all the goodies from the days of old. You get to see some of the hottest stars performing in these flicks. And you also get to see quite a few samples, short video trailers, too. Damn, this stuff got us hooked right away. The passion and the real dedication and just the way these guys do it, it’s contagious.

That could be the gay porn your father was secretly checking out, lol. Just kidding. The truth is that Retro Males covers decades of gay erotica that are pretty much its golden years. That’s when it all began in the modern age, and we strongly believe that that’s when it was the most exciting. You will see what we mean when you start browsing the site’s immense collection of clips. They come in HD, by the way. Not because they were originally filmed in HD, of course, but because they have been digitized in such an awesome way so that you can enjoy them on all the modern devices. The videos are available in up to date formats and resolutions. Yes, you can, of course, tell, this is old stuff. But it only adds to your experience, not detracts from it. This stuff was so creatively filmed, the titles have plots and stories and characters. Some were stylized, for instance, there are films about ancient Romans, or sports players, or musicians. See, people were just trying harder back then! And seems like the dicks were harder too because it was novelty and everybody was excited. Retro Males comes loaded with clips from top XXX gay titles of as many as 3 decades, and it’s awesome. The site really brings the hottest gay content of the past to your modern screen in the best way.

Retro Males is a great new site with great old material. It delivers retro gay porn to your devices in its full glory, reformatting old material to fit the new HD-enabled platforms. Several decades of top gay smut are right in front of you, very easy to explore and totally enjoyable. Get inside Retro Males right now and see how much better, more believable, authentic, and satisfying man on man erotica used to be! Retro Males is just irresistible, see for yourself.

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