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Rio Bang

Rio Bang

Review date: 12-Mar-2013 04:19. Ever wanted to go to a carnival in Rio? Even if you’re not really into that entire traditional celebrations kind of thing, the Rio stuff is special. Have you seen how much clothing these super hot Brazilian babes are wearing? Barely any clothing at all, really. Rio Bang here will show you the wickedest gangbang orgies and sex parties in Rio. It’s like you’re invited to all of them!

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Rio Bang

Intro promises:
So, you say you like partying? Party porn is definitely a thing. No wonder it came to be, the air is just filled with lust and lost inhibitions. As long as it’s a proper party, we mean. When you’re in Rio, Brazil, all parties are proper. We mean, man, have you seen their carnivals? It’s like they totally lose control, it’s a mess of bodies, heat, desire, huge racks of Brazilian sluts, and porking all over the place. You don’t know where dancing and partying ends and having crazy orgy sex begins. Or is it the same thing? Why don’t you find out for yourself. We have this brand new site right here, and it’s called Rio Bang. As you may guess from the name of it, it's all about gangbangs and Rio. Quite a combo, we should say. There is no better place on earth if you’re into horny crazy sluts who cannot get enough cock, look exotic, and have that Hispanic heat and generosity everybody’s raving about. The site is the latest addition to the Extreme Movie Pas network, and if you know what this network is about, you’ll recognize the common things. The dark, minimalist tour with lots of previews and nothing else. The cheeky attitude, the kinky, extreme sex, and all the other things we know and love about Extreme Movie Pass. Let’s see more right now!

Turns out we were wrong a bit. In the best way possible, of course. When you think Rio and hot sex and slutty girls wearing these ultra skimpy carnival outfits, it’s about these street events and carnivals and all that. But inside Rio Bang, it’s not limited to just that. Turns out people down there like group sex and one girl, many guys showdowns as long as they just happen – no particular place or time. Inside Rio Bang, you’ll see videos which show sex parties and orgies happening in all sorts of places and contexts. Many carnival-themed videos with these outfits and music and just downright insanity, that’s true. But also, there are gyms and clubs and regular parties in private residences, all sorts of stuff. The movies run for over 30 minutes each, some are longer than 45 minutes. Heck, some get closer to full 60 minutes. Have you any idea how much all holes filled orgy fucking you can fit into that period of time? Tons of it, that’s for sure. There are plenty of these sultry Latinas in here, and as long as they’re wearing these carnival outfits, they’re the hottest women in the world. The whole shebang, the dark hair, the bronze-colored skin, the much raved about Latina booty – and tons of gangbanging with horny studs on top. What a cocktail! Extreme Movie Pass has thousands of videos in addition to your Rio Bang experience. Lovely!

Take a trip to Rio from the privacy of your own room. You’ll need only a computer to access the site, and a few of them paper towels. You’ll realize how much you need them a bit later. The site is loaded with full length, 100% exclusive downloadable vids from real sex parties in Brazil’s insane second largest city. Beat off as the carnival drums are beating and sweaty, manic Brazilian nymphos in traditional outfits (tiny as fuck, mind you) are begging you for more cock in their sexy language. Quite a blast, and the 45+ site Extreme Movie Pass network is not to be missed either!

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