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Ripped Milfs

Ripped Milfs

Review date: 3-Apr-2011 12:45. Well, MILFs, right? If you like the well-groomed, sex-seeking type in her best years from 30 to 40-something, Ripped MILFs is ready to serve some of the most hardcore amateur and ex-gf MILF content ever. Your wife is a MILF? Check the site out, she may as well be there already! Ripped MILFs is a combo of a hardcore amateur site and a community!

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Ripped Milfs

Intro promises:
Ever since American Pie, the movie which skyrocketed the term MILF into the world, happened, thousands of men, younger and older, have been attracted to all these action-craving moms, housewives and business ladies. When you see a MILF, you always know you do. Great looks, great body, great makeup and clothes, and a very obvious air of this fuck-me-now-and-harder attitude that we all know and love. The girlfriend porn explosion taking place these days did not go past gorgeous MILFs as well. Ripped MILFs is yet another proof of it. This new site combines the joys of a MILF site filled with fresh amateur MILF porn and a community of MILF admirers who always enjoy posting a wife or two to please and entertain their fellow fans. The site has an amateur feel to it which you start experiencing as soon as you visit the free area. There are so many pictures and video captures of these oversexed creatures, and they are brought together into a design which does actually look amateur. So much the better! We mean, there’s nothing wrong with commercial MILF porn, but MILF has ‘mom’ in it, and we want to have these real next door moms up close, whatever their kids and husbands may think. Browse around, check out the picture samples, read the bits of dirty text splattered all over the pages, and you’re ready to go in.

In fact, the entire MILF thing should be addressed very carefully when we talk about amateur porn. Check this out: one wrong step, and you lose all the glossy MILFish appeal. Moms and housewives can be surely hot and boy some of them are. But a MILF has this special air of class about her, and you gotta make sure it’s preserved in the right amount. In this respect, Ripped MILFs does things right. The site offers an impressive collection of amateur-looking MILF content. There’s some decent balance between pictures and videos, and there’s some decent balance between solo episodes and hardcore action as well. The latter, in fact, does not always mean there’s a couple. A threesome is no stranger here, as is a full on orgy. So when it comes to flicks and pics, it’s a very 50-50 ratio. We felt that the video experience is better when you stream the videos on site. The quality reaches pretty damn good levels, but of course it’s not some overproduced bullshit. It’s still amateur, and the kind of amateur you will enjoy watching. There are bonuses inside, and these include adult DVDs and bonus sites which of course include a few MILF genre gems. When you are done with the site’s current collection, which we can’t exactly imagine but still. So, if, or when, you are, you can submit pictures and videos of your own MILF wife or girlfriend or just some footage from a one night stand!

Ripped MILFs unites some of the hottest and wildest amateur MILF porn to ever hit the web today. Following the explosion of the girlfriend sites, Ripped MILFs accepts submissions from people who think they have known or fucked a MILF who is worth being shown to people. You can do the same, and even if you don’t, the site’s collection of hardcore MILF videos and masturbating MILF pictures gets bigger literally every day. The site offers bonuses coming with your membership and it’s one of the best deals in amateur MILF scene today.

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