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Rookie Facials

Rookie Facials

Review date: 12-Oct-2017 10:07. I’ll be the first guy on the block to admit that I love facials. I don’t know why, and I never really tried to figure it out. It’s probably because it seems really dirty and kinky to me. Like something you do with your girlfriend, not your wife. Whatever the case may be, facials are popular in the industry. A huge percentage of straight sex porn scenes end with a sticky wad to the mush.

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Rookie Facials

Intro promises:
Needless to say, the thought of watching a girl experience this for the first time intrigued me. Alas, by watching the way these ladies handle themselves in the bedroom, it’s obvious they are used to getting spunk on their grills. Rookie Facials features over twenty women sucking, fucking and getting a load in the face for all their hard work.

There is nothing fancy or unique here, and the action is typical. The camera work is above average, but the cameraman talks and laughs during some scenes, which makes for a flaccid experience. Clips are available streaming or for download, but over half of them are in one minute segments only. Each girl is featured in over twenty clips, so there is definitely some substance. There is an advantage to watching streaming clips here, as opposed to other sites. Underneath the video is a link to the next clip, so if you are quick with a mouse, this might not bother you at all, as long as you are just as fast with your other hand. Now I did say that over half of the clips are short, but don’t fret. The others are available as full-length downloads. Also, there are approximately fifty still photos per girl. Girls featured on this site are average looking, comparatively speaking, but they fuck and suck very well, and their bodies are hot. A couple could have a nice career ahead of them.

Now I don’t know for sure if any of these girls are having a first-time facial. And I don’t know if most of them are actually (and conveniently) eighteen years old. But ask this pervert if he cares, and he will say ‘nay, good sir. ’

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