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Rub And Tug

Rub And Tug

Review date: 17-Oct-2017 06:00. We’ve all heard of “full service” massage parlors – those magical places where a person can get a nice rubdown – followed by a nice rubdown. At the Rub And Tug Massage Parlor, though, full service goes a cut above as the girls see how much weight and jostling those massage tables can really take.

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Rub And Tug

Intro promises:
With all the reality porn out there, it’s nice to see a site containing original content that actually attempts to follow a plot, use attractive sets, and put cameras on tripods. The first girl I watched, Tory, is a true pornstar hotbody – slim, muscled thighs, tumbling brunette hair, and the best tits money can buy. She convinces her boss to do her a favor with some whiny wheedling that frankly takes up a bit too much of the narrative, then does him a favor in return on the beautiful black leather massage table.

The sex is standard, but has a slower buildup than I’m used to seeing these days: a nice back massage, then a nice front massage, then his shorts are off and she rubs him between her gorgeous tits for a good while before beginning the requisite blowjob-69-cowgirl-doggie-facial progression we all know and love from mainstream porn. An especially nice touch is the shot of the sign on the wall of the massage parlor – “Massage Parlor Rules: No Sexual Contact Allowed” – right before she touches his dick. There’s a touch of class here that I really like, and variety, too – most of the scenes are straight, one-on-one sex, but there are some variations in plot (interview scenes, backroom meetings, exchange of “favors”), and so far, one girl-girl scene between Hailey and Delilah, which is scorching because of the real enthusiasm, innocence, and buildup involved. So much girl-girl sex in porn involves women sticking their tongues out at each other and not getting terribly into it for real. These two – a more experienced-looking brunette with fun little tattoos and a soft, sweet young blonde – touch each other for ten minutes in a “massaging” fashion before they even kiss. Talk about a slow burner – this incredibly sweet and hot scene had my hands in my pants for the first time in months. (A porn reviewer gets jaded, you know.) It’s unclear how they both come by rubbing their pussies together (a real orgasm or two seem likelier earlier in the scene, but they hold off), but they kiss and touch each other and smile at the end like two girls in love – it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in porn outside of My only real complaint about this site is the size of the viewer – if you want to watch it stream from the site, you have to do so in a tiny little window, regardless of your connection speed. If you choose to download the file, you may get better results, but the clips take forever to buffer in Windows Media Player, and once it’s done, the picture is much larger, but somewhat jerky.

For other usability concerns this site does extremely well – everything is easily found, the pictures have a slideshow function, and the main page is always a click away. But this site might rate a five if I didn’t need a magnifying glass to see the videos – and if it updated more often. Rub And Tug currently only has twelve episodes to offer, though each is over a half-hour long and you get access to bonus sites as well. Join just for Hailey and Delilah, check back frequently for updates – and surf around the sister sites for more fun.

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