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Saddle Gals

Saddle Gals

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 05:53. For those who haven't witnessed the intense multi-orgasm-inducing power of the Sybian sex machine, the device is basically a leather saddle-like contraption with an electric motor and a rod sticking out of its center onto which interchangeable Dynaflex (a latex-free material), phallic-shaped pieces are attached.

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Saddle Gals

Intro promises:
With vibration speeds controlled by handheld remote control, one straddles a Sybian and either thrusts against an attachment specifically designed for clitoral stimulation or is penetrated by larger dildo-style pieces that simulate intercourse and (hopefully) reach the G-spot. Invented in 1985 by Dave Lampert, the Sybian is far from being a cheap toy to tuck away in a drawer, as most models are made to order and often become the center and conversation pieces of any masturbation enthusiast's collection. Loyal users who can actually afford the high-priced self-satisfier'basic models retail for $1,395.00'are known as 'Sybarites.' Saddle Gals is a celebration of the Sybian starring a fair number of more-than-willing gals, humping and grinding against the machine, while enthusiastically and graphically getting-off on the experience for yours and their pleasure.

Through streaming/downloadable QuickTime, Windows Media and iPod-formatted video segments, everyone's experience is captured clearly from the pre-ride ritual to the entire bucking and machine-fucking session. Each scene is an intimate'affair that offers viewers a front-row, fly-on-the-wall perspective in which to watch each participant take a unique approach to going about using (and abusing) their Sybians. Some invite us to viddy them in the shower as they soap up and clean their kitties and titties before getting down and dirty with the device which doesn't need to be in the mood or wait for a dose of Cialis to kick in. In sexy,'tattooed Sarah Faye's segment, she and'her sweet, lustrous'hair-pie hop aboard the 'G-Max' attachment as extreme close-ups catch her juices dribbling, her legs shaking and each subsequent cumming requiring her to take quick breathers between rounds. Others, like young, juicy Amber Peach, take a more traditional approach to foreplay, taking the time to enjoy her vaginal independence by thoroughly kneading her thick-lipped one, bringing it to a boil with just the right amount of moistness. By the time she hops atop the Sybian, she's literally sloshing to the point that you think she's about to be electrocuted, before she too is left breathless and quivering in the wake of her ride, doubled-over in ecstasy with a smile etched ear to ear.'

You'll likely find yourself grinning widely and watching intently during your Saddle Gals experience, as everyone's ride is enjoyable and erotic. And, although it's likely to spark debate between the sexes as to whether men have become obsolete when it comes to lighting lady's fires, most Sybarites will concur that there's ultimately no substitute for some good old-fashioned, grade-A man-meat.'''

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