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Satin Play

Satin Play

Review date: 5-Apr-2013 05:16. Some girls look just plain gorgeous in satin. The way the fine fabric embraces their tight bodies, just incredible sometimes. Satin Play welcomes you to its playground of satin fetish where fine young ladies fool around all by themselves or in pairs, enjoying all sorts of silky garments and accessories. You won’t believe how hot and stimulating this stuff is, read more right now!

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Satin Play

Intro promises:
Give a satin garment or accessory to a lady, and she’ll love it. Give us some satin-themed erotica with gorgeous young women enjoying the fine touch of satin on their smooth skin, hard nipples, and elsewhere, and we’re happy. We love ourselves some clothing and fabric fetish themed erotica once in a while. Satin Play really stands out here. We don’t think we’ve ever reviewed a site about satin, do you remember anything of the sort? And mind you, Satin Play is totally worth reviewing. It’s new to the scene, it’s growing fast, it’s becoming a total bestseller, and also, it’s much more than a content-based site. Well, of course, there’s enough content there to keep you satisfied and entertained for days. But an important thing here is that there is a community element to the whole thing. There is a forum, and it’s not just an installed script, it’s a living thing with tens and tens of topics and plenty of members to talk to. Well, looking good already! Satin Play has the kind of tour only the most special sites have. Instead of this standard layout with trailers and such, they split their tour into sections, and each covers its own area, girls, updates, and what not. There is also a video trailer, quite a masterpiece, we gotta say. From the way Satin Play looks right now, we feel it’s going to be a special and interesting experience of anyone with even a bit of obsession with satin.

It takes a classy woman to understand the appeal and beauty of satin and to wear it the right way. Satin Play does feel like a place where it’s not just you and other members who have a thing for satin. The models performing in these videos apparently have quite a thing for satin themselves! Otherwise they would never be able to deliver such stunning, captivating performances. The site specializes in softcore content with varying degrees of softness, so to say. There is a nice balance of solo girl and girl on girl episodes here, with a bit of a prevalence on the solo side, from what we can see. The movies come as MP4 files which pretty much makes them good for most platforms out there. We would say an average piece has around 15 minutes of video and about a hundred pictures. With 300+ videos and 30+ thousand photos available inside the member area at this very moment, Satin Play makes quite a statement. Get ready for hours of very intense erotic teasing, with all manner of satin underwear, garments and accessories worn and played with for your sheer delight. Turns out satin makes ladies just as aroused as it does you, so get ready for some naughty fondling, pussy play, toys, and what not. Take turns watching solo and girl on girl episodes, and soon you’ll be where you wanted to be, in a satin fetish paradise!

Satin Play is quite a site, we have to give you this. Not only it has hundreds of high resolution videos and thousands of high resolution pictures, it also offers great opportunities to connect with like-minded satin fans and explore your satin fantasies and desires in just so many ways. The site features great solo and girl on girl performances from lovely ladies wearing fine-looking, seductive satin in all its colors and forms. It takes true understanding of a fetish to make interesting erotica, and the people at Satin Play have definitely succeeded in that.

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