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Scandal On Stage

Scandal On Stage

Review date: 23-Nov-2011 06:00. Ever been to a live sex show on stage? Now you don’t have to. Scandals On Stage brings the shock, excitement and glamour of onstage fucking, sucking and stroking right to the comfort of your home. A pretty unusual thing for an adult site, right? It’s a pretty unique mix of performance art, hardcore sex and stage scandals!

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Scandal On Stage

Intro promises:
What’s sex (and porn, too) without a little bit of crazy? We’re always looking for new thrills these days because heck, the old ones are not working that well anymore. It has to be hotter, dirtier, more extreme, unusual, anything, just to get our attention. With all that said, Scandals On Stage got our attention all right. We can wholeheartedly say that this site is like no other, simply because it shows things no other site has shown us so far. Needless to say, this is the first review of a site of this kind here. So what is it all about? The idea here is clear and hard to define at the same time. The thing in common the episodes here have is that everything happens on some sort of a stage. If you heard about live sex shows in Amsterdam or elsewhere, or perhaps have seen one yourself, this is the thing. Whether it’s a bigger or a smaller stage we’re talking about, or some or no audience, it’s always naked, fit, glamorous-looking performers – and well, sex. The site’s free tour part will give you an idea of what it’s all about. Really, there’s a special thrill to it all. We’re used to thinking stage shows mean some sort of censorship and limit to what they can contain, but these rules are broken in pretty much every episode here. Let’s give it a closer look.

Ready to see some truly crazy shit happening onstage? You better be. Scandals On Stage is not fooling around here. The site was launched literally this month. It actually had a good start, with around 25 exclusive episodes, this means 25 picture galleries and 25 videos. Not bad for a site which is a couple weeks old only. This content must be not too easy to film as well, and it’s not like they can fill their site with non-exclusive material. It simply won’t work. Regarding what’s going on here, it’s really hard to guess where these guys are getting the videos. Are they filming an existing sex show? Or they organize it just for their shoots? Well, maybe you’ll find out! What we do know is that you’ll be getting a lot of porn of a very special kind. Think the glitter of stage performances merged with uncensored hardcore sex and the thrill of feeling you’re part of an audience who actually see people having sex on stage. So many levels of arousal here, you need to try it out for yourself and see which works best. We think the site is certainly very unique and special in its own ways. Everything looks very good, it’s not just dudes and chicks who got onstage. Think lighting, costumes, props, everything you need for a good show! And damn the show is good.

Scandals On Stage is one of the most special porn sites we have seen in months. If you are turned on by the entire idea of an uncensored sex show you watch happening live in front of you, give this one a try. The site features a nice and growing catalog of videos and pictures, plus you get access to dozens of very special niche sites. Some of these are pretty crazy, too! Looks like we have a focus on the crazier side of porn here. And lots of good-looking, exciting sex is included, too!

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