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Security Cam Chronicles

Security Cam Chronicles

Review date: 10-Oct-2017 08:13. Security Cam Chronicles is an interesting and original voyeur site that sets up reality scenarios, then rigs some hidden cams to capture the action. The material here is meant to cater to your fantasies and if you are a fan of voyeur action, it is definitely worth a look.

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Security Cam Chronicles

Intro promises:
The people behind the site seem to go to a lot of trouble to create an unscripted feel for their contrived voyeur scenarios. You will find 79 videos, each available for download in a few formats, the best of which is an excellent-quality Windows Media format. Each scene has a write-up giving you an idea of what to expect and some background story to add to the reality feel.

I checked out a scene featuring a newly hooked-up couple getting down in a public bathroom. I also saw some babes at the gym faking muscle injuries to get in tight with the massage therapist, a car owner pleasuring a mechanic for a deal, a receptionist killing time with a quick self-loving session and two strangers in a waiting room proving that time flies when you're having fun. The material here is often in black and white and is poorly lit to give it that spy-cam feel. There are no photos, only vid caps, so the images are not as sharp as actual pictures. The content is also nonexclusive. On top of this voyeur action, there are many bonus sites that you can check out in a variety of hardcore niches. There are also lots of additional vids and pics.

If you are into voyeurism and a fan of a variety of sexual activities, you will want to take a look at this website. Whether you stay for longer than a month or two will depend on how much you like the extras, because the website isn't updating anymore.

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