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Self Desire

Self Desire

Review date: 9-Nov-2011 06:00. Imagine a hot young porn starlet telling you all about her sexual preferences wearing a skimpy outfit – and then proceeding to pleasure herself in her very own special ways. You would totally bust a nut! Well, now you can. Self Desire is here to offer exclusive HD videos with sexy coeds and beginner pornstars playing with their delicious bodies – and cumming!

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Self Desire

Intro promises:
One would imagine girls working as models and pornstars would be getting enough action at work. But the thing is, when you are so young, gorgeous and obsessed with pleasure, you still need some private time and some private pleasures. Self Desire here lets you meet some of the hottest young names in today’s porn telling you everything about their dirty side and ending up horny, wet and cumming like crazy. That’s right, the site focuses on solo shoots with young models telling their stories and then playing with their pussies. This very new site was recently launched by Team Skeet, a name in teen porn you probably know and trust. Give the site’s free area enough browsing, it’s worth it. There are so many things to have a look at here. There are a lot of girl profiles with their sample pictures and video trailers, plus there are plenty of site’s details and facts showcased as well. Watch out though, there are only 5 previews available for free users. It’s actually quite enough, trust us. The trailers show everything from the interviews to hot and steamy pussy play the girls move on to after they’re done telling their stories. There is so much hot young female goodness radiating right at you from this tour that you’ll end up signing up anyway! Let us give you some info to consider before you do.

Self Desire is the ultimate site for fans of young porn starlets who want to see their favorite girls getting a bit more open and personal. As opposed to having hot hardcore sex all the way. We mean, there’s nothing wrong with hot action, but it’s good to know the girls a bit closer, you know. When you let them tell about their first sexual experience or about what they like in bed or about what they like about their own bodies, there’s an intimate connection involved. Which makes things way hotter! Self Desire is a new site so it’s not exactly the biggest site out there. There are over a dozen exclusive episodes to see right now. This deal is vastly improved by the goodies inside the whole Team Skeet network. Self Desire is its 10th site and boy is there a lot of great quality teen porn to see. Anyway, the episodes at Self Desire start with an interview where the girl plays around in some sexy outfit telling her story at the same time. Then, she strips and shows where she likes to touch herself – and it all ends in hard, natural girlie orgasms! The videos are superior-looking 1080p HD films with lower resolution options. These last for about 30 min, and the picture galleries offer around 100 pics each. The site is very well-designed and offers some really good-looking content, something porn starlet fans just can’t miss!

Self Desire tells it all about what the hottest girls of today like doing to their own super-sexy bodies. Find out how the sexiest porn starlets touch themselves in their secret spots – and watch them reach real orgasms! Self Desire grows every week, which means even more HD videos and high resolution pictures for you. The site is near flawless in terms of content, so if you like hot girls opening up and revealing their naughty side in stories as well as in solo masturbation with fingers, toys and more – give it a try!

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