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Send Ashley To College

Send Ashley To College

Review date: 3-Nov-2017 05:09. From solo showers to copious lesbian licking, titillating B-cups to vaginal assaults with an assortment of mechanical tingle-givers, Ashley is having a lot more fun paying off her college expenses than I did. Her exploits ought to appeal to a pretty wide audience, too. If you like a lady who's naked and naughty, and often brings her girlfriends into the show, you may want to help pay her tuition, too.

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Send Ashley To College

Intro promises:
Send Ashley To College centers around one frisky co-ed who'd rather squat over a webcam than study. The one-girl sell can be tough, but she makes a strong showing, with enthusiasm and openness. If her looks don't grab you, her willingness to show it all will. The site got its start in July 2007 and has updates dated right up to the date of this writing, so I expect there will be more content to come. As it stands, there are several photo galleries, a couple webcam videos, a diary/journal, and several other videos shot more professionally. All the flicks are Windows Media format, and linking is perfectly straightforward.

The thumbnail for each video is linked straight to the full video. I suppose you could stream it if you wanted, but downloading (with or without a manager) posed no problems. Files tend to be on the small side, not a one totaling more than 90MB complete. For better or worse, this comes through more in the dimensions than the length. There's only one video for each scene, and is either 320x240, 480x360, or 640x480. Seems the resolution has improved over time, so she may keep going bigger as technology improves. The same is true of the pictures on the site. The older ones aren't anything to write home about, being mediocre size and quality, but the newer stuff is considerably better, with better makeup, settings, and photo resolution, up from the 532x800 of the earlier pics to more than twice that at 1100x1650 for the newer stuff.' Again, the site is showing steady improvement, and if things keep going the way they have been, it could be very worthwhile to fans of girl-only action.

The site is a little slim in the way of extras, which is really the only knock against it. No trial pricing, either, but if you like the look of Ashley Steel (budding porn star'you need a degree for that?), you'll probably enjoy the pay content within even more. Here's hoping she continues to make things bigger and better as she moves ever nearer to graduation day.

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