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Sensual Pain

Sensual Pain

Review date: 27-Jul-2016 15:30. It’s rare that SM-themed erotica succeeds in exploring the true nature of the relationship between the bottom and the top. But looks like Sensual Pain here is ambitious, authentic, and high quality enough to finally make it happen for you. The site dynamic, emotion-powered stories of female subs brought well over the edge by skilled Masters. Let’s take a closer look.

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Sensual Pain

Intro promises:
How does SM erotica become good SM erotica? We have seen just way too many sites filled with meaningless pictures and videos showing women having some random BDSM gear and devices used on them — and people behind it think it’s enough. It really isn’t. We think this kind of erotica is a really subtle affair. It needs to strive to depict the emotional dynamics between the top and the bottom, show how energy flows and how their synergy develops. That’s a lot to expect from online porn, we know. But what if sites like this actually existed? Sensual Pain may just be one of them. This brand new vault of original and exclusive female sub, male dom content seems to be all about authenticity. Whipped, flogged and what not into submission, these pretty bottoms just love being manipulated and subdued and used — and you can tell. Check out the previews laid out for you in the tour area. Doesn’t it look like some sort of sophisticated fetish erotica magazine already? We know, you could say the design sort of mimics the simplistic approach of and all the numerous sites in its glorious family. But this seems to be the standard these days anyway. The tour here emphasizes the content, this is what you are here for — and the content emphasizes the exchange of emotions and feelings and energies between the participants. Check it all out, and we are sure you will be ready to proceed into the member area in no time at all.

Ready for what could easily be the SM erotica experience of your lifetime? Sensual Pain is brand new, loaded with original exclusive never before seen content, and it’s completely ready to be enjoyed by you, the connoisseur. The site has an interesting subscription model where you can get a membership, but you can also purchase specific episodes. It’s no more complicated to figure out than any other higher end BSDM website. So, Sensual Pain essentially is about all kinds of female subs and their dominant male Masters, exploring their very special relationships and pushing each other’s limits in all sorts of setups, contexts, and situations. Even though Sensual Pain makes use of a wide range of SM gear and depicts plenty of exciting activities, the main point of all this content is somewhat more subtle. Watch closely, and you will truly enjoy something that’s harder to see, the intricate power play between the participants and the real domination submission dynamics. Sensual Pain is really interesting in this regard. Although even if you are here just for the show, you will find plenty of stuff to enjoy, toilet cleaning, bondage, extreme anal play, cages, daddy’s girls, lashings, shaved heads, real swollen flesh and real screams of delightful pain… It’s all here. The site updates weekly with even more original and exclusive content. There are other things you could enjoy, like articles and even a BDSM-themed forum.

If you have been looking for something fresh in the SM erotica scene, here’s Sensual Pain right there for you. The site focuses on the emotional and less seen side of SM relationships, dishing out tons of diverse BDSM erotica with all the elements, gear, and scenarios you may want to see. Check Sensual Pain out right now to move away from boring mechanistic uninspired faux SM erotica that so many sites have these days. This is the real deal, see Sensual Pain now!

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